6 Typical Premarital Jitters That Every Indian Groom Experiences


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6 Typical Premarital Jitters That Every Indian Groom Experiences

“Oh come on, leave alone the decorations or menu, you have not even decided what you will wear for your own wedding. All you can think of is your work!” Sounds like a familiar situation? Perhaps as a groom, you have been at the receiving end of it; or as a bride you have delivered such eloquent sermons to your fiancé?

Brides never believe that even the grooms can experience that jittery feeling or the metaphorical ‘cold feet’ before the marriage. Men also fret, panic, and go through their own share of premarital jitters. It is just that they do not show it or throw a tantrum at every given chance. After marriage, a guy’s life changes as well. And, this is enough to leave him feeling nervous before his wedding day. We bring you here a list of the topmost weddings jitters that almost every groom experiences.

#1. What will happen to my personal space?

Most men find it difficult to share their personal space with someone else. Though after marriage, a man will eventually do so quite lovingly, but before that he is plagued with doubts. He wonders what changes his wife will make to his bathroom or wardrobe and even to his entire room.

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#2. How will I manage all that financial responsibility?

After marriage, every man's financial responsibility towards of his family increases. The fact that his wife is working, does not lessen his responsibility of providing financial security to her. A man wants to provide security to his wife and (future) kids, which means, he has to maintain a steady financial stability in his life always. His begins to worry about not ever losing his job, and there comes an added pressure of climbing the ladder quickly. 

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#3. Change of routine

While a bride feels edgy about having to leave her home, a groom feels jittery about the changes he would have to make in his lifestyle. He would have to adjust everything according to his wife now, right from what he watches on the TV to his video game playing routine or his unplanned outings with friends. Such thoughts may not come to a man as his relationship moves from courtship to marriage, but just as the wedding day approaches, these doubts take prominence in his mind.

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#4. Will I become a punching bag between my mother and wife?

We all know that most brides find it difficult to adjust with their mothers-in-law and vice versa. So, a man does worry about the compatibility issues that may arise between his mom and his wife. He loves and respects both these women. But, every man dreads to think about the day when he would be required to play a referee in their legendary tug-of-war.

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#5. Will my life partner be just the way I want her to be?

Every man wants a ‘perfect’ better half, who would complete his life. But, just as he is getting ready to settle down with his would-be, certain doubts begin to emerge. This happens more so if the couple is going for an arranged marriage. Guys often begin to wonder if they have selected the ‘best’ life partner or not.

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#6. Will I be able to live up to my wife's expectations? 

Commitment anxieties just before the wedding are not too uncommon. A groom may worry about reciprocating his wife’s love. He could also worry about not being able to fulfil his wife's expectations, be it emotionally, physically or financially.

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Tips to handle premarital jitters

Getting jitters and feeling nervous just before the wedding is quite common. Most brides and grooms go through it. So, you can use these valuable tips to handle your pre-wedding jitters:

  • Understand that marriage is not about a ‘perfect’ life partner, but about a ‘perfect’ relationship, which you, along with your wife have to shape together.
  • Just as you are feeling burdened by the expectations your marriage will place on you, your bride will also be going through the same. Marriage is not just about expectations, but sharing those expectations as well. So, relax and enjoy the ride, as you are not alone.

  • Understand whether your jitters are related to the wedding, or are they simply about your would-be. This will help you to tackle these doubts more clearly and cleverly. 
  • Have a talk with your would-be or your closest friend, as expressing your concerns out aloud might make you feel better.
  • The best way out of your pre-wedding jitters is to think about everything good that your would-be, will be adding to your life.

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So, forget all your doubts and as you wear that sehra and sit on the ghodi, just think that this is going to be the most amazing and beautiful journey for you. And, you will always live a happily married life.



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