6 Types Of Guests You Should NOT Invite To Your Wedding


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6 Types Of Guests You Should NOT Invite To Your Wedding

Weddings are incomplete without guests; after all, everyone needs their friends and relatives around to share these joyous moments. But, there might be a few guests who would end up spoiling your mood on your special day. They will crib about the food and the venue, get drunk and misbehave, or act as a wet blanket on this blissful occasion.

So, here is a list of guests that every couple should keep away from their wedding. And, if their presence is inevitable, then we also tell you how to deal with them. Take a look.

#1. The constant criticiser

Everyone definitely has at least one of these in their social circle. They are the ones who always have to criticise and complain about everything. This guest will quibble over everything from your clothes to the food to maybe even about your spouse! Such a person will definitely spoil your mood, and it is best that they are not invited.

How to deal with them

It is best not to indulge them in a conversation, as that is an invitation for a disaster. You can also leave some waiters on their tail, to make sure that their mouth stays occupied at all times!

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#2. Sob story teller

It is either their love for attention or inherent talent that some people can churn out a sob story anytime, anywhere. In order to get sympathy, they will tell their hard luck story and whine about their life. Such guests not only irritate other people around, but will spoil your happiness as well.

How to deal with them

If you end up inviting such a guest, then probably introduce that person with the constant criticiser. Away from your other guests, these two will have a lot to talk about.

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#3. Single, and (always) ready to mingle

People who are just out of a relationship or who have been trying too hard to find their perfect match might become little bitter during weddings. They will sigh at every sight of a happy couple (or maybe ogle at every single person of the opposite sex!).

How to deal with them

Pair this friend with your spouse’s single friends. Some ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’ moments amongst your guests, might make your wedding more interesting.

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#4. Interfering relatives

You will definitely have an aunt who will claim to know the latest style and makeup trends (we can see some brides nodding already!). And dear bride-to-be, do not think she will shy away from interfering with your makeup artist's work as well. Just as you are getting ready to reach the venue, she will give her ‘valuable’ inputs and will make sure that she is heard.

How to deal with this

Just smile and thank her for those 'interesting' suggestions. Tell her politely that you will definitely try out her suggestion. If she persists, ask your mom or sibling to take her out (even drag, if needed!) using some excuse.

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#5. Drunken relatives

We all have a relative who just cannot handle his drink. After a few drinks he loses all control on his tongue. He will tell jokes and anecdotes, which only he will find funny and bore your guests to death. He will just dampen the happy mood with his antics.

How to deal with them

Take your relative’s wife in confidence and ask her to take care of her husband. Also, ask your bartender to keep an eye on the guests who are drinking too much. He should offer them some food or watered-down drinks to keep them steady.

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#6. Your ex

Unless your ex is your best friend, do not send a wedding invite to him or her. Inviting your ex to your wedding is the biggest mistake you can ever do. He or she will probably act uncomfortable or bitter, if they still have not got over you.

How to deal with them

Never invite your ex to your wedding- this is a rule that is not meant to be broken!

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Stay away from these guests as much as possible; but if their presence is inevitable, then deal with them smartly!



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