6 Tips For Indian Brides To Have Photo Ready Hands On Their Wedding


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6 Tips For Indian Brides To Have Photo Ready Hands On Their Wedding

Your charming face, lovely locks or wedding lehenga; you have kept a careful eye on all these aspects to have a perfect wedding look and an amazing wedding album. But, chances are that you might be missing on something that your photographer is going to zoom in on. Those are your hands. Remember, your hands will be on show throughout your marriage ceremony, and most of the clicks in your album are going to display them. So, do not forget to treat your hands with a beauty regime, which will make them look beautiful for various shots like exchanging ring, applying henna (mehendi), holding hands of your partner, etc.

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Here are some of the things that you should do to have beautiful hands on your wedding:

#1. Manicure

If you are serious about having a fabulous collection of wedding portraits showing off your hands, there is no way you can neglect a perfect manicure. A blissful session of manicure will not only elevate your mood, but also make each and every shot of your hand count. You can either go to a specialist, or apply some DIY ideas, to add life and essence to your hands. Choose a flattering shape for your nails, to make them look more appealing in the photographs. Make sure your hands look beautiful and much noticeable, by choosing a nail paint colour that is in trend. 

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#2. Moisturise

Those cracked peels of skin around your nails will not only spoil the beauty of your hands, but will also make the wedding album suffer. Hands are among the most used and exposed part of the body. So, every time you rinse your hands, apply a coat of good moisturiser. It is necessary to moisturise your hands, irrespective of the season of the year. This helps to keep them soft and young forever.

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Lotion or moisturiser rich in vitamin E should be used at least thrice a day. This is one of the easiest ways to combat and control the dryness of hands and strengthen the nails.

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#3. Finger exercises

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It is the digital age, and all of us are required to work for long hours in front of the computer. Hence, it is quite possible for you to develop stiffness in your fingers. But, you cannot allow your rigid and bony-looking hands to ruin the beauty of your wedding photographs. To deal with this problem, you can help yourself with some gentle finger and hand exercises. They are helpful in both the cases- for thin as well as pudgy fingers. Exercises like stretching your fingers, making fists, finger lifting, claw stretch, grip strengthening, etc., can be effective in having flattering photos.

Watch this video to learn three easy hand and finger exercises:

Video Courtesy: Centerworks Pilates Youtube Channel

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#4. Nail art

Bride displaying her hands is one of the frame-worthy moments of any wedding. And to add variety to this collection, get a striking yet classic nail art done. Zero in on the apt colours and design, which will produce good images of your hands. Try to avoid glitters and fancy gemstones for having more timeless images. It is also crucial to consider the colour of your skin tone before going for a session. Read this to find out the right nail paint colour for your skin tone: How to Choose Perfect Nail Colours For Your Skin Tone

Hire a professional to get your hands dazzling for your wedding album portrait.

 #5. Wedding ring

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The wedding ring signifies the eternal love that the couple share, and hence it becomes a checklist item for the photographers to focus on. So, your role here is to refine your search and find a perfect sparkler to have an artistic ring shot. Be it colour, shape or the setting, your wedding ring should be the perfect blend of a timeless classic and the latest trend. The choice of a perfect stunning piece can really make a lot of difference to the shots of your hands. 
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#6. Practice to make it perfect

Couple holding hands is not an ordinary portrait, rather, it is one of the moments defining togetherness. So, to attain perfection in this shot, you need to practice a bit. Even if you had month long beautifying sessions for your hands, they are not photo-ready until and unless they are presented properly. So, get prepared to hold hands of your partner in a right way. It is also a good idea to refer some photos.

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Also, leave your hands relaxed and in a natural state to prevent the trembling shots. Interlock your hands properly that would reflect a deeper connection between you both. 

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Now you know the role that your hands will play in enhancing the beauty of your wedding album. So, make sure you go through all the steps mentioned above, which will not only get you gorgeous hands, but also a perfect ingredient for the success of your wedding shoot.

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