6 Smart Tips For Indian Brides To Make A Good Impression On Their In-Laws After Wedding


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6 Smart Tips For Indian Brides To Make A Good Impression On Their In-Laws After Wedding

Finally, you are married to your dream man and are ecstatic about the whole new beginning. But, in your heart, are you still feeling tensed about impressing everyone at your in-laws house? For some, creating a good impression comes quite naturally, but a few might get jitters at this very thought. At the time of your wedding, and even few days after it, your in-laws' house is going to be filled with relatives and friends. It is essential that you leave a positive impression on everyone.

Well, we know you might need a little extra help in doing so. So, here are a few tips through which you can win everyone’s heart at your in-laws' house.

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#1. Dress properly

Rani Mukerjee with Pamela Chopra, Saifeena at Soha Ali Khan's reception

The first thing that everyone will notice is the way you dress. Don’t wear ripped jeans or a low-cut blouse. Understand you in-laws' tastes and preferences. You definitely don’t want your new relatives to discuss your dressing sense, for all the wrong reasons. Clothes speak volume about your character, so dress elegantly and steal the show.

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#2. Know your new family

Rani Mukerjee and Uday Chopra, Bachchan family

Conversation plays an important role in every relationship. If you are clueless about your in-laws and rest of the members, then talk to your spouse to know a little about them. This way, you can easily bond with anyone. Remember that you do not have to pretend to be ‘just like them’. Be genuine and just be yourself while talking to your in-laws. This will also reflect that you are comfortable with the new environment and are ready to become a part of their family.

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#3. Give respect

Aishwarya and Jaya Bachchan, Malaika Arora Khan with Arpita Khan

Remember the golden virtue- to earn respect, you have to give respect! Be it your spouse, elders, youngsters or people of your age group, always respect them just as you respect your own family members. The way you talk, your attitude and your behaviour, everything counts when you are trying to make a positive impression. Use your charming smile as your best weapon to show your acceptance and love towards them.

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#4. Do not argue

Malaika Arora Khan with Salma Khan

There might be times, when you would disagree with the point of view of your in-laws. In such a case, be patient and just listen to them. If you argue or try to prove that you are smarter than them, it might offend them. So, never lose your cool around your in-laws. However, if you do like their advice then accept it, as this will leave a good impression on them.

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#5. Maintain the house

Kurbaan, Kareena Kapoor
Image Courtesy: Kurbaan

Try to keep your in-laws' house neat and tidy, after all this is now your house as well. So, offer a helping hand in the household chores. Ask them what needs to be done and whether they need your help. If they say no, then leave it. Do not be pushy. Just take a breather and relax.

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#6. Shower compliments

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sharmila Tagore, Amitabh Bachchan

Shower you mother-in-law and other family members with compliments. You can tell her how beautifully she has decorated her home or how well she runs her household. But, be genuine in what you say. There is nothing sweeter than a genuine compliment. This will show that you care for them and will definitely impress everyone.

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Remember that just as you need time to adjust with your in-laws, they also need time to understand you. So, simply follow these tips and create a long-lasting impression on everyone at your in-laws' house. 



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