Hair Fall During Pregnancy Is Most Common; Here're Effective Ways To Prevent Excess Hair Fall


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Hair Fall During Pregnancy Is Most Common; Here're Effective Ways To Prevent Excess Hair Fall

Pregnancy is a time for lots of physical and hormonal changes in a woman’s body which affect every part of the body from top to bottom. Every woman and her pregnancy is unique. For some, it causes acne, dull skin and pigmentation and hair issues, while in others, it brings beauty benefits such as natural glow, fuller hair, etc.  

Hair loss or hair fall is one of the most common things that happen during pregnancy. And in order to combat this issue, it is important to know certain facts to be able to get back your shiny and bouncy hair during pregnancy.

Here are 6 simple hair care tips to keep in mind during pregnancy. 

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#1. One must condition the hair after every wash

Hair Care Tips during Pregnancy

Conditioning is a must and the conditioner should suit the kind of hair you have, i.e. normal, oily or dry. Despite using a conditioner, if you feel that your hair is looking thin and lifeless then you need to know that only conditioning may not be enough. Try and find hair products containing silicone like dimethicone which stays on your hair even after rinsing. This makes your hair shine and takes away the dullness. If applied on hair ends, these products are totally safe even during the first trimester.

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#2. Eat a nutritious and balanced diet to avoid hair loss 

Hair Care Tips during Pregnancy

A balanced and nutritious diet containing plenty of fruits, nuts, and vegetables like carrots, beans and fish is important during pegnancy. Deficiency of proteins, zinc and biotin may cause hair loss which is otherwise preventable. Take supplements after consulting your doctor if you feel your diet may be deficient.

#3. Always massage your scalp before head wash

Hair Care Tips during Pregnancy

Remember to maasage your scalp before headwash and use lukewarm water instead of hot or cold water to rinse. This stimulates the blood circulation of your scalp and improves hair health.

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#4. Avoid over-brushing your hair

Hair Care Tips during Pregnancy

It is a myth that over-brushing will increase luster in your hair. On the contrary, hard bristles will cause entanglement and hair loss. Also avoid brushing or combing on wet hair as in this state, hair are the weakest and prone to damage.

#5. Avoid using harsh hair colour 

Hair Care Tips during Pregnancy

Colouring your hair is permissible during pregnancy, but try to avoid the use of harsh colours and avoid a drastic change of hair colour during this time as one needs to keep the product on for a longer time for the bleach to act. It is a fact that frequent colouring will damage your hair. You could try switching to natural colouring agents like henna. Regular trimming to get rid of split ends and occasional styling will increase your oomph even more making you a more confident mom-to-be.

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#6. Indulge in activities that help you relax

Hair Care Tips during Pregnancy

Stress is one of the basic reasons of hair fall during pregnancy. Take a nice long bath, light up some aromatic candles, listen to some soothing music, meditate, practice yoga, sleep in, go for a relaxing head massage at the salon, indulge in some retail therapy. 

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Hair fall and hair loss is a common thing during pregnancy, but with these simple tips, you sure can avoid hair issues.

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