6 Fun And Energetic Exercises You Will Love To Do Everyday


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6 Fun And Energetic Exercises You Will Love To Do Everyday

You are getting tired of your growing beer-belly or the fats around your waist, but the workout session is not exciting enough to draw you to the gym?

Well, look no further because we bring to you some interesting ways to burn those calories. A workout can be fun. Let's see how.

#1. Groove right

zumba to lose weight

Zumba is workout cocktail. A heady mix of Salsa, Flamenco, hip-hop, reggaeton that leaves you totally charged. A fusion of Latin and international dance steps, it works for people of all ages. It does not involve very high impact movements, but is sure to tone your body and help you burn up to 500 calories an hour. So, are you ready to lose yourself in music?

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#2. Be a water baby

swimming to lose weight

If you love being in the water and want to expand your interest further than swimming, then aqua aerobics is for you. A 45-minute class where you perform exercises in water helps you stay cool with less scope of muscle injury. And, aerobic exercises in shallow water do not require you to be a trained swimmer. 

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#3. Hula hooping

hula hopp to lose weight

The pelvic and belly movements are followed and practised in many countries with their own regional twists. What remains is that women who have well-defined waist and hips can really benefit from this dance form. While mastering this art can be tough, its benefits are amazing. From toning the body to burning the calories, it can give you a wonderfully toned look that you have been seeking.

#4. Pilates for all

pilates to lose weight

It focuses on balanced body development with emphasis on core strength- abdomen and back. The exercises consist of controlled movements performed on a mat. It helps in overall flexibility and strengthens the muscles. Also helping in better circulation of blood, it works for full physical and mental health along with making the person leaner and graceful. 

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#5. Kick hard

kick boxing to lose weight

Feel confident and happy after you leave a kickboxing class because you let yourself loose on a punching bag. Ask for a little push from your trainer or a friend, and tone those inches with this high-intensity cardio workout. It works on your calories along with legs, arms, stomach and shoulders. 

#6. Dance to fitness

bollywood dance gif

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You do not have to love dancing, but just allow your heart to beat faster when you hear some foot-tapping songs. The high-energy music lets you reap a lot of body-toning benefits.

Instead of shying away from working out, it is time to take your workout regimen to the next level. Get a fabulous class like one of these to tone those arms, stomach and legs. Trust yourself, start now and love your body like never before!

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