6 Fun And Unique Ways Of Adding Photographs In Your Wedding Celebrations


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6 Fun And Unique Ways Of Adding Photographs In Your Wedding Celebrations

There are plenty of ideas to make your wedding décor interesting and beautiful. But, if you want to add a personal touch to your wedding, then there is no better way than using your and your partner’s pictures in the celebrations. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Isn’t it? Apart from this, using pictures in fun ways can also make your wedding standout from the rest.

And, if you are wondering how exactly you can make this possible, then here are a few simple and fun ways to add photographs into your wedding.

#1. For a fun wedding invitation

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Rather than sending the conventional wedding invitation, why not send a personalised invite for your wedding? You can use your recent pictures for the same. Or, you can even get a caricature artist to create fun images of you both, and use it on the wedding invitation cards. If not wedding invitation cards, then you can use this idea for your 'save the date' cards.

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#2. In your guest book

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Get clicked with your partner and use the pictures to have a customised guest book. You can have the pictures on side of the book, and leave the opposite page blank for your guests to write. If you want to add a twist to the traditional guest book, then you can even take poster-size print outs of your pictures and mount them on a stiff cardboard, on which your guests can write their personalised messages. You can then hang this cardboard in your home as a beautiful memory.

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#3. Decorate the desserts

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Decorate different layers of your cakes with your different pictures on them, which of course, are edible. You can have a customised wedding cake topper by asking your caterer or baker to make figurines resembling you two. Not just that! You can even have the figurines of your parents along with your own, which you can use as the cake topper. Also, take the cut-outs of your caricatures or real photographs, and use them as the toppers for other desserts.

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#4. To share your family history

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Most of your guests would not know about your partner’s family, but a lot of them would surely be interested in knowing about it. So, tell them about your and your partner’s family by placing some candid pictures on a table or any other décor item, near the stage or at any other corner of the venue. This way, everyone will know a bit about both the families. And, your parents, grandparents, and rest of the family members will definitely be touched by this gesture of yours.

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#5. In your wedding decor

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If you are having an outdoor wedding, then do decorate the venue with photos hung up on a clothesline to make the entire setup even more charming. And, if you have an indoor wedding, then do paste them on the decorative hangings that are a part of your wedding decor. Another interesting and dramatic idea would be to have a life-size poster of you two at the entrance of your wedding venue. You can even decorate the venue with photo jars. All you have to do is to put your laminated picture in a jar and fill it with olive oil to give it a vintage look.

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#6. For memorable return gifts

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Get your favourite pictures from all the functions printed on different things, like t-shirts, mugs, key chains, diaries, hand fans, etc., and give them to your guests as return gifts. To make the gift even more special for each guest, use the pictures in which they are also there. And, do not forget to add a little ‘thank you’ note for them.

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Well, photographs certainly are one of the best ways to add more charm to a wedding celebration. So, what are you waiting for now? Start selecting your best candid shots, and use them at your wedding to amaze your guests with this personal touch in your wedding celebrations.

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