6 Everyday Essentials That Most Brides Forget To Pack In Their Trousseau


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6 Everyday Essentials That Most Brides Forget To Pack In Their Trousseau

Wedding trousseau is one of the most prized possessions for every bride. After all, you shop for months for all the beautiful stuff that you would be wearing as a newlywed. However, while getting engrossed in the huge task of trousseau packing, many women forget some very basic things.

The trousseau must contain all those things that you would require for over a span of few months or at least weeks, after your marriage. Hence, you should not forget to pack the basic things so as to prevent yourself from feeling lost in a new setup. Here is a list of those little things that you must pack in those big, bulky suitcases:

#1. Accessories

You surely would have kept all the things that are required to make you look complete. For example, matching bags, jewellery, clutches etc. You also might have brought with you those satin, silk, georgette sarees that you always dreamt of wearing. Here comes the day of donning the beautiful crepe you brought. And you realise that you have the pleats in your hand, but the safety pins are nowhere to be found. Being a new member in the family, you might feel shy in asking for it from other female members. And since men hardly use them, you cannot really bank on your husband to have them in his drawers.

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#2. High heels to bathroom slippers

You definitely would have picked up that smashing pair of silver stilettos to go with your chic saree, and brown boots to match up to the overcoat for winters. However, realising the fact that you also required those unglamorous but comfortable pair of bathroom slippers only after reaching your new home, might be a little late. You surely would not want to create the impression of being a careless person in front of your in-laws by asking for such a basic thing. So, it is better to shop for one that fits your feet, and put it in the suitcase.

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#3. Toiletries

Everyone has certain preferences as well as needs when it comes to toiletries. The shampoo that gives a shine to your husband’s hair might not do the same for you. Similarly, you might be using a soap that suits your skin type, but we doubt if your new family would be aware of what skin type you are. So, to save yourself from any disaster by using the products that don't suit you or to avoid making someone from the family rush to the market, it is better to keep at least one unit of each item that you need every day in the bathroom such as, face wash, body wash, conditioner, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, body lotion, etc.

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#4. Comfortable clothing

The thought of wedding automatically brings in an image of the well dressed bride in heavy and beautiful, but uncomfortable sarees or suits. But you surely would want to be in comfortable attire as much as possible. So, do not forget to carry comfortable T-shirts, jeans, track suits and night suits with you. Also, while it is a good idea to buy that 'racy lacy' lingerie to seduce your better half, do not go overboard even with that and stick to the basics.

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#5. Medicines

You might be needing certain medicines quite often due to a health issue. Once you move to your new place and find yourself in the need of those medicines, having them with you in your bag would reallly be a big relief for you. 

Also, it is quite possible that the climatic conditions of your honeymoon destination would be completely different from where you stay. In such cases, the change in weather might affect your health. And since the chances of you leaving for your honeymoon immediately after the wedding are quite high, you might not get the time to prepare a first-aid kit for your trip. So, take out time to meet your doctor before the wedding itself, and get a prescription ready for basic problems like body ache, cold, high temperature etc. While you move to the medical store to get the medicines as suggested by your physician, also pick up the things like pain relieving gels or sprays, antiseptic lotions and creams, etc.

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#6. Sanitary pads

Even though this is one of the most important things of a woman’s life, you might still forget to put it in the suitcase. Since you would be among new people, you might find it difficult to ask someone to get the sanitary napkins for you. In such cases, you also would not want your husband to go out looking for your safety nets. So, to avoid yourself from getting in the situation of being ‘down and out of stock’, just put a pack of it in your bag.

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Undoubtedly, wedding shopping is one of the most exciting things of a woman’s life. And, it is so much fun to indulge yourself completely in those flashy sarees, jewellery, makeup and much more. But at the same time, do not forget to pick the everyday basics that you would need in your new home, as much as those beautiful things in your bag. 



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