6 Beauty Habits To Make Your Feet Look Pretty In Strappy Footwear


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6 Beauty Habits To Make Your Feet Look Pretty In Strappy Footwear

After the long winter that was spent wearing boots and sneakers, now it is finally time to flaunt your pretty, strappy sandals and let your feet see some sun. However, we all know that strappy and open-toed sandals or flip-flips look prettier on well-groomed feet. And, when you spend hours thinking about getting the perfect dress and makeup to have the best summery, fresh look, then why not spend some time making your feet ready for the summer season as well? 

After all, it is not as complicated as you might think. So, we bring to you the best tips to wear open-toed or strappy footwear with confidence and style.

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#1. Pamper them

Dry winter months mean accumulation of dead skin on your feet. This can give a not-so-pleasant appearance to your feet. Here is how you can pamper your feet to make them look soft and pretty again:

  • Exfoliate your feet every three to four days. You can use a mixture of olive oil and sugar to get rid of dead skin and reveal healthy and soft feet.
  • At the end of a tiring day, soaking your feet in warm water, with a few drops of shampoo (preferably baby shampoo, as it is gentler) will help to cleanse and relax them. Along with this, scrub your heels with a pumice stone, and push back the cuticles and clean the nails.
  • After every shower, remember to use a good foot cream to lock the moisture in. Also, apply a coat of body lotion a few times throughout the day, as and when you get time.
  • Apply a moisturiser on your feet every night before you sleep.

#2. Bid goodbye to infections

The bright and sunny summer season can be a time for Athlete’s Foot (ringworm infection of the feet causing scaly rashes) for many. That, and many other fungal infections, can give a patchy, ugly look to your toes or ankles. Here is how you can avoid it:

  • Keep your feet clean and dry at all times. Fungal infections thrive on damp, moist places.

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  • There are plenty of antifungal ointments available in the market. Opt for one that helps with the scaly skin problem.
  • When you do have to wear socks, either with formal shoes or when you workout, make sure you wear thin, cotton socks that can easily absorb moisture. Do not forget to take them off as soon as you are home.
  • Sprinkling some antifungal or antibacterial powder on your feet before wearing socks is also a good idea to keep infection at bay.

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#3. Never skip a pedicure

You probably neglected your feet in the winters, because they were covered at all times. But, now that it is time to show them off again, getting a pedicure every 15-20 days is a great idea. A professional pedicure takes care of issues like ingrown nails, dry heels or calluses (rough, thickened skin). You can also get a fancy nail artwork done to show-off your feet in sandals.

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#4. Protect them well

If you thought that sunscreen was only for your arms, face and neck, you could not be any more wrong! With your feet getting just as much exposure in the summer as your face or arms, it is smart to ensure that they are also protected against the UV rays. So, do not forget to apply liberal amount of sunscreen on your feet as well, before stepping out.

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#5. Put your best foot forward

It is always advisable that one invests in good quality footwear, despite the temptation of going for the cheaper ones. Feet need proper support and cushioning to avoid calluses, blisters and aches. At the same time, choose a footwear that is stylish as well, to get the most out of your buy. There are a lot of colourful options available in the markets to choose from, especially when it comes to summer sandals.

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#6. Add splashes of colour

Summer is the time to flaunt as many colours as possible. So, just as you take care of your feet, also make sure to indulge in bright and happy colours when it comes to nail paints. Paint your toes in vibrant shades like peach, pink, orange, turquoise, or bright red. This will not just brighten your toenails, but also your mood.

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With your feet looking all pretty and summer-fresh, you need not worry about choosing from the variety of footwear. Any choice would make you look radiant!