6 Awesome Tips For Brides To Throw A Perfect Party In Their New Home


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6 Awesome Tips For Brides To Throw A Perfect Party In Their New Home

Marriage brings a lot of new experiences in a bride’s life. As you start living with a new family, your lifestyle gets changed to a great extent as per their customs. But, this change certainly does not mean that there will be no fun left in your life after marriage. Especially if you are a party-lover, the fun would surely not be over once you will be with your in-laws. In fact, apart from your friends and family members, you will have a whole new set of people to enjoy the parties with.

The only thing is that when throwing a party in-house, you will have to keep in mind the traditions of your new family, so as to keep everything going good. And, to make the task of party-planning easier for you, here are some really handy tips.

#1. Get all the information

We all have heard the idiom, “forewarned is forearmed”, and it is totally applicable in this case. You must be aware of the kind of parties your husband’s family usually likes to throw and how the things are done. You must be aware if they are late-night people or they prefer winding up everything by the evening. Similarly, you must know if your family likes small gathering or they love to have grand-size parties.

Whatsoever be your doubt, we suggest you to talk not only to your husband, but also your mother-in-law, sister-in-law and other family members. This is because, as that is where the real party secrets would be revealed.

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#2. Take the charge

Be an initiator in every department. Be it getting the decorations in place or anything else, get your creative hat on and position yourself as an all-rounder. But, this does not mean that you have to do everything on your own. You can always take help from your loved ones.

So, if you are not much into cooking, you can always ask your mother-in-law or sister-in-law to help you. This way, you will also get a good chance to bond with them.

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#3. Make it fun for your guests

Well, that is what a party is meant for. And, it would be really awesome if you would arrange for a few fun things for your guests to enjoy the party. You can even take inspiration from the photo-booth that you just had at your wedding, and decorate a corner of your house where your guests can take selfies.

Also, make sure you prepare a really peppy and foot-tapping playlist of party songs. Other than this, you can also have some fun games at the party.

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#4. Call limited friends

For your first party in your new house after the wedding, we would suggest you to be selective in inviting your friends. Inviting only the close friends would ensure that you are able to give attention to all your guests, and are not just wheeling around from one guest to another.

Also, consult with your husband before inviting his friends as we are sure you would not want spoilers and unwanted guests on your first-ever party at your new home.

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#5. Control your drinking game

You might be a “party-spirited” person and guzzling down a few extras might mean the real fun for you. But, now that you are a newlywed, we recommend you to control. Firstly, ask your husband if your in-laws are fine with you taking a few drinks in the party. If yes, then too keep a check on yourself. After all, getting highly drunk at a family affair is not something, which will be liked by anyone ever.

So, make sure you are diluting your drinks well, eating in between and gulping down a few non-alcoholic drinks in between your alcoholic ones.

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#6. Just be yourself

Agreed, you need to put up the best of your behaviour as you might be under constant scrutiny of your husband’s relatives. But, make sure you are not acting up or role-playing.

At best, just be a slightly toned down version of yourself and we are sure you will simply rock the party.

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Get involved in after-party cleaning

Now, this one would not help you anyhow in throwing a perfect party, but it will surely help you earn those extra brownie points from your in-laws. So, be proactive with the housemaid and get everything sorted on your own.

This gesture of yours will surely be remembered by your in-laws and will certainly open doors for many more parties in the house.

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There you have it, a perfect way to host an in-house party in your new family. Just keep a good track of your in-laws' party habits, and they will have nothing but compliments on this fun initiative of yours!



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