6 Amazing Ways Which Can Help You Maintain Your Makeup Look In The Rainy Season


By Gunjan Gaur Last Updated:

6 Amazing Ways Which Can Help You Maintain Your Makeup Look In The Rainy Season

During monsoon season a lot of makeup problems occur that can spoil your look. Your face needs special care and attention during rainy season. Monsoon brings humidity in the atmosphere, causing sweat and dripping of makeup.

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Here are a few tips to help your makeup last when you step out in the humid climate. You will surely be very happy if you follow these.

#1. Apply waterproof base

It is suggested to apply waterproof base followed by patting on loose powder to set the makeup entirely on the skin. You can alternatively use a two-way cake as an instant substitute for waterproof makeup while it rains.

#2.  Use blotting paper to keep makeup intact

To overcome the dull feel of over-powdering, you can also opt for oil absorbing strips or blotting papers available in most beauty stores. Dab them over the forehead, chin, nose, cheeks or any area that becomes shiny during the day due to humidity. These papers will keep your makeup intact while absorbing oils and sweat, and mattify your skin making it look fresh.

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#3. Use powder-based blushers

It is also recommended to use a powder-based blusher to inculcate a natural flush on your cheeks in this season of love and romance. You can try subtle shades of pinks and peaches, depending upon which one suits your skin tone the best. In addition, blending nicely is the key while using blush-ons for a softer and natural look.

#4. Use waterproof eye makeup

Bright colours look more attractive during monsoons. You can probably add some sparkle to your eyes by using dazzling colours and let your eyes speak. Using shades such as bright pinks and oranges is preferable; but keep in mind that they should be waterproof. Besides, applying waterproof eye makeup basics (liner, kohl and mascara) is also suggested in rainy weather to save your makeup from bleeding.

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#5. Go for permanent eye makeup

Apart from this, if retouching your eye makeup is a fussy affair to you, then you can go for permanent eyeliner and kajal (kohl) application to say good-bye to your anguishes. This will last for at least 10-15 years and will keep away your worries of everyday eye makeup.

#6. Lip balm is a must

Sweep a lip balm with a bit of SPF over your lips in a playful pink color or coral. This method will keep your lips hydrated throughout the day. It also helps you protecting that uneven, settled look that humidity and heat can generate.

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So, now that you know how you can get a flawless makeup look AND maintain it in this humid weather, get dressed and enjoy the baarish as much as you like. And, you can thank us later, girls!