5 Ultimate Fashion Tricks To Look Slim And Gorgeous In Indian Wear


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5 Ultimate Fashion Tricks To Look Slim And Gorgeous In Indian Wear

We all know about the love and desire that most women have for a slimmer body. And, since not everyone is blessed with a naturally slim figure, many of you make a lot of extra efforts to fulfil this desire of yours. You always eat right and hit the gym regularly so that you can look glamorous in anything you wear. But, what if even all this does not work in your favour?

Well, probably your fitness regime will show the results a little later. But, till then you can try some really smart fashion tricks, at least with your Indian outfits to look slimmer and sexier. Yes! Dressing right with the Indian clothes can actually help you to camouflage the flab and look absolutely fab. So, here are those secret tricks that can help you achieve a slimmer look.

#1. Play smart with the kurtas

We suggest you to stay away from the body-hugging kurtas as they tend to lay more emphasis on your voluptuous body. Rather, you should opt for slightly loose ones. And, even when you wear loose kurtas, keep in mind that material should not be too clingy. One of the safest options among the fabrics is cotton.

If your hips and thighs are also slightly heavy, then make sure that your kurta is long enough to hide that area of your body as well. And, as you go with our suggestion of wearing a loose kurta, just don't forget that we only said 'slightly loose', and not very loose. Just how Farah Khan does it in style and carries them off with poise.

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#2. Have fun with the salwars

When it comes to the bottom-wear, the logic of fitting goes reverse. Here, you should opt for the slim-fit salwars rather than the loose ones. Narrow salwars have the magical power of making your waist look one size smaller than your actual one. Some narrow salwars give the effect of a stylish trouser, which you can even wear with a shirt instead of kurta, just like Kiran Rao, in the below image.

However, you have to be really careful about the material if you opt to wear a churidar. It should not be made of the body-hugging fabric- lycra. Rather opt for the ones that are made of fabric that do no stretch. Cigarette pants are yet another trendy options for you, which are being loved by a lot of women these days. These are nothing but a loose form of trouser made of any lightweight fabric. You can wear it with long kurtas and create a cool style statement.

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#3. Add glamour with the sarees

Two things that matter the most so as to look slimmer in the saree are- fabric and drape. You should avoid heavier as well as stiff fabrics, like organza, silk, cotton, etc., as they add more volume to your body. Instead, go for the lightweight fabrics, like chiffon, crepe, georgette, etc., to create an illusion of a slimmer body.

If you have extra flab around your waist and stomach, then do not tuck too many pleats at your navel alone. Adjust and spread them all across your waist so that added volume of the fabric does not appear at just one place.

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#4. Be careful with the blouses

Once you know the kind of sarees will suit your body, next thing that should be taken care of is your blouse. In order to cover your heavier bust area, opt for the printed blouses over the embroidered or embellished ones. The lightweight fabric logic applies here as well.

If your arms are flabby, then it is better to avoid sleeveless blouses and opt for at least quarter-sleeved blouse. Look for the same things in the choli if you plan to buy a lehenga. Also, it will be even better if the choli is long enough to cover your waist as well.

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#5. Some smart styling tricks

Apart from using these tricks for your different Indian attires, here are some additional tips that help you look slim in any Indian outfit. Take a look:

a) Dark colours

Dark-coloured clothes create an illusion of being slim; even if you actually aren’t! This is because they tend to hide the problem areas. On the other hand, flab is highlighted further if you wear white or any other light-coloured clothes. So, it is better to wear dark and solid colours.

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b) Apt accessorising

Now that you have learnt more about how to dress and what colours to doll yourself up in, do not forget to wear the right accessories to maintain that slim look. Accessories like bracelet watches and sleek bangles will make your arms look thinner. Additionally, avoid heavy neckpieces and go with the statement earrings instead.

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c) Style your hair right

If you want to give a slim-effect to your face as well, then avoid tying your hair and let them loose. Such a hairdo will not only make your face look slimmer, but will also add youthfulness to your overall look.

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d) The right footwear

Right footwear is yet another important thing that helps you to achieve a slimmer look. Stilettos are just perfect to make you look uber-chic in a saree, anarkali dress or a lehenga. Another option that you have is a gorgeous pair of pumps. The motive is to add length to your body and make you look more ‘in shape’.

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Well, while these smart tricks help you to flaunt a lean and sexy body in all your Indian attires, do not consider them as the excuse to give up your fitness regime. Just follow these cheat codes till the time you actually attain that dream figure.

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