5 Terrific Reasons That Will Tempt You To Take Selfies At Your Wedding


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5 Terrific Reasons That Will Tempt You To Take Selfies At Your Wedding

The crazy trend of selfies is not unknown to any of us. All thanks to the camera-phones and social media! And, if you thought that women are more into selfies than men, then here is something for you. An interesting study by HTC revealed that young men tend to take twice as many selfies as women. Whatsoever be the reasons, this establishes the fact that both men and women like selfies. That is why, the popularity of the same is increasing at weddings as well.

However, if you are yet not convinced with the idea of taking selfies at your wedding, then let us give you a few terrific reasons that will certainly change your mind.

#1. It happens in the spur of the moment

Unlike photographs taken by the wedding photographer where the bride and the groom pose for hours, at times artificially, selfies happen spontaneously. So, the actual emotion is captured making it true to scene. Selfies are in the moment and real.

Image Courtesy: Riteish Deshmukh Twitter

Image Courtesy: Aayush Sharma Twitter

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#2. It is fun yet real

Gone are the days when you would pose for photographs in an upright position without even breathing so that a perfect photo is captured. Say goodbye to those serious, non-living photos and hello to having fun while clicking photos. Selfies can be fun, crazy, romantic, cozy and totally worth a try! Check out a few wedding selfies where the couple is having fun:

Image Courtesy: Dkreate Photography

Image Courtesy: Anoop Padalkar Photography

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#3. Share it instantly

You have to wait quite some time to get the photos from the professional photographer and by that time, the wedding fever might have gone. But, selfies can be shared and uploaded instantly. That makes it on-demand. The ability to upload it on real time makes a big difference.

Image Courtesy: Anoop Padalkar Photography

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#4. Create different angles for your memory

The typical wedding photo is usually of the ceremony that basically translates to the bride and the groom posing with flowers, relatives or by themselves. But, when it comes to a selfie, you are allowed to take it differently. How about one in the car when you are driving back home happily married? And, what about the one with your favourite people- your family and friends? Well, your wedding selfie is your take on your wedding.

Image Courtesy: Anoop Padalkar Photography, Image Courtesy: The Wedding Story

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#5. Wedding selfie might turn out to be your favourite memory

If you want the picture of your first kiss, wouldn’t you prefer it to be a selfie than being taken by a professional photographer? If you take your sweetheart’s first picture after marriage, isn’t that more special than being captured by someone else? You will most likely end up picking the selfie as your favourite pic.

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So are you going to take selfies at your wedding? Do you think a selfie captures the true moments of a wedding? Do share your comments with us.

Cover Image Courtesy: Anoop Padalkar Photography


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