7 Fantastic Ways How Every 'Bhabhi' Can Bond With Her 'Nanad' In Her New Home


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7 Fantastic Ways How Every 'Bhabhi' Can Bond With Her 'Nanad' In Her New Home

The life of a newlywed is a roller coaster ride. Adjusting with the new family and making new bonds along with the added responsibility feels like too much. But, all these things become a piece of cake if your sister-in-law is your friend. So, make a best friend in your new home by following these easy steps!

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#1. Let’s talk about the family, baby

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Let us tell you this with a straight face that your husband can support you all the time but he won’t be able to tell you a lot about his own family. So, ask his sister for some advice. Not only knowing your new family will it make the transition smoother but, she will feel appreciated as well. Also, she will love that you are making some efforts to make her family your own.

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#2. Go out on a girly date

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Ditch your husband and go out on a girly date with your sister-in-law. You can find out some common interests, go on a shopping spree or maybe just relax with her in a salon, followed by a nice dinner. This is going to bring you closer and you are going to enjoy yourself as well.

#3. Talk it out and listen to each other

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Even if you both wish well for each other, some arguments and differences are bound to surface. Do not get anxious when it happens, as it is very natural. But, don’t let any fight become too big. Instead of expecting the other person to get the hint, talk it out with her clearly. Also, listen to her side of the story as well. Do not jump to the conclusions.

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#4. Cook up something for the family together

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Food is known to unite cultures and countries, so, why wouldn’t it bring two people closer? Get to know what she and other family members like, share each other’s recipes and cook together will enjoying some good wine! 

#5. Don’t hold grudges, after all, you are sisters

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If you really want to have a special connection with your sister-in-law, treat her as if she is one of your own sisters. Even if you think that she is wrong, be her guide and tell her about her mistakes. Holding grudges will only build a wall between you two.

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#6. Coffee time is gossip time

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One of the best things that could have happened to the mankind is coffee. It makes people talk! It does not matter whether you brew your own concoction or go to your favourite barista, it will be easy to bond with her over a cup of coffee and loads of gossips!

#7. Surprises are not just for the husband

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When a brother gets married, his sister feels excited too as she secretly hopes that now, there will be two people to pamper her. So, surprise her with your own style and make her feel special.

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No relationship can be built within a day. It is a two-way road where both the people should appreciate and understand each other. Give some time to strengthen yours with your sister-in-law and we are sure that you are going to have a blast for the rest of your life with your new Bff!

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