5 Signs Your Wedding Planner Needs To Be Changed Right Away


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5 Signs Your Wedding Planner Needs To Be Changed Right Away

Planning a wedding is not a cakewalk. And if you have no clue about how to manage things, the best option available is to hire a professional wedding planner. This not only eases off your burden, but also makes your wedding a very manageable affair.

But a word of caution here! With a soaring rise in the number of wedding planners with each passing day, you need to be really choosy about the ones you pick that offer reliable services. At times these vendors can cause havoc resulting in your wedding plans ending up in disaster. So, read on to know when you might need to re-think about your wedding planner!

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#1. They Are Being Pricey!

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One of the main things about your wedding budget, is pricing and you chose a planner in hope that they would give you a clear picture of the same. But after employing them you realise, he doesn’t stick to one pricing. The prices they offered you earlier now come with hidden surcharges! Before their hiring they convinced you about all their prices and now as you tell them about your plans, their prices shoot up, overthrowing your budget. Most vendors working under the planner can be trustworthy, but a few bad ones can really make your wedding planning exhausting. They give absurd deals on low prices and later retract. So, be safe than sorry. To avoid all this, make sure you have a written commitment from them. Plan out everything in advance, take a receipt and know about their prices in written.

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#2. You And They Are Poles Apart

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You ask for lilies, and they will get you roses! You chart out a plan and they deliver something altogether different. The planner should be cautious enough to remember all your details and cross check with everything you want. If all this is not happening, consider changing them! You will definitely not be wanting hassles and unwanted surprises on the day of your wedding.

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#3. They Are Quick To Turn Red With Rudeness!

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You would never want a snooty, stubborn team planning the best day of your life. It is your wedding, so they have to be the one with the patience to deal with all your plans, changes in plans, and every minute detail you want for your wedding. The last thing you would want is to talk to a person who is rude or is not open to your feedbacks. The planner must be flexible and accommodating to all your reasonable demands, and not the other way round.

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#4. They Keep Your Plans Pending

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They respond to your query in two days or sometimes even weeks. Your wedding date is approaching and they have no plans chalked out yet. Even if they come to meetings, they are late and have no concrete plans handy. All this is quite in contrast with the first meeting where they impressed you with their impeccable plan just to get a go ahead from you. This is a clear sign! Change them and save yourself a lot of time and unnecessary hassle.

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#5. For Them Cash Is The Catch

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The planner is always after cash! With each plan coming to live, they need hard money. Be cautious, it is hard to keep track of cash and you will never catch hold of person without proof if they flee! So, be smart, always make payments in cheque, and if they insist on money-first policy you might want to show them the doors yourself!

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There is no harm in stopping the wrong midway. So, if you feel that your wedding is not coming up as you planned, then talk it out with your planner. It is easier to cover up less damage, than to deal with a mess later.

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