Unusual And Weird Cravings Expecting Mothers Might Have During Pregnancy


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Unusual And Weird Cravings Expecting Mothers Might Have During Pregnancy

If you thought ‘sweet’, ‘sour’ or ‘spicy’ were the only things that a pregnant woman could crave for then you cannot be more off the mark. Dear expecting mothers, apart from the midnight snack of halva or aachar, if your body suddenly craves for a slice of charcoal or a piece of chalk, don’t get too puzzled.

As a woman’s body moves through various hormonal changes and becomes deficient in certain nutrients, she craves for some usual and some most unlikely things. The degree to which these cravings can get strange is going to surprise you once you read about these five unusual and weird things pregnant women can crave for.

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#1. Soil

pregnancy cravings

One of the most common yet unusual pregnancy cravings is that of consuming soil. In an interview, famous pop star Britney Spears mentioned her craving for eating soil with food when she was pregnant the second time around. Obviously, it is not a craving that many can give into, but some do believe that having mud can ease morning sickness to a great extent. Is it getting strange already?

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#2. Paint

pregnancy cravings

Dear men, is your wife pestering you to paint the baby’s room? Well, maybe she is not only worried about the room, but she may now also have a craving to eat or smell the fresh paint. Yes, this is true! A lot of pregnant women love the smell of paint while pregnant, and also feel the urge to eat it. Some even go to the extent of licking freshly painted walls. But whenever such a craving arises, it is best to divert it to something else as the toxic chemicals present in the paint can be harmful for the growing fetus.

#3. Chalk

pregnancy cravings

Most of us have had given in or resisted the temptations of tasting a chalk as kids, but this one can come back for the pregnant women. Yes, at times pregnant women crave for a piece of chalk with their daily diet. Some even go further to fight cravings for talcum powder. It is a clear sign of nutritional deficiency for which a doctor should be consulted.

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#4. Coal

pregnancy cravings

COAL! Yes, Coal! There are expecting mothers who get cravings to ingest coal. According to a survey done in the US, pregnant women do crave for coal, whether they want to just smell it or eat it. And it goes without saying, it is very unhealthy! It is said that when one is craving to have coal, one must have a lot of minerals and nutrient rich food, especially iron rich food.

#5. Toothpaste

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Interestingly, here is something that you may still find pleasant than the rest. It is seen that pregnant ladies enjoy licking toothpaste and they say it helps in calming their nerves. Although toothpaste may not prove to be as dangerous as the other items on this list, yet one must try to divert their mind off the craving to stay healthy.

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If you also have such a craving, it is time you talk to your doctor and look for healthier alternatives.