5 Hottest Decor Ideas To Style Your Winter Wedding


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5 Hottest Decor Ideas To Style Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings in India are quite unlike the ones that take place in the other countries; they have more colours, vibrance and lights. Indian weddings have always been a beautiful mix of traditions, culture and family values. But, do not think that just because it is dominated by traditions, the would-be couple won’t be able to leave their individual mark on their D-day.

Dear couples, to keep the wedding “yours”, you need to choose colours and decorations that you feel are right for you. We know that adding complementing decorations to a winter wedding might be a tough task for you, so here are some ideas on the best ways to decorate a winter wedding. 

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#1. Flowers

Image Courtesy: TejesNayakPhotography

Image Courtesy: TejesNayakPhotography

It goes without saying that flowers are a must when it comes to weddings. There are thousands of varieties to choose from, which can help you to set different tones throughout the ceremony. The smell is also important as you want to choose a floral arrangement that everyone will love. 

Indian weddings are best known for their bold colours, so choosing large and decorative flowers in bright colours can really set a great atmosphere for your special day. So, go for colours like red, green and yellow, which would also add a traditional feel.

#2. Candles and fairy lights

Wedding decor

Candles would add a beautiful traditional, earthy and a vibrant touch to any winter wedding. You can go for uniquely shaped candles for your big day, or go for a mix of large, long and tea-light candles. 

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra

Having them dotted around your wedding venue or the mandap area will add magic to the ceremony and will look spectacular in the evening time. Fairy lights can also be put up either as little strands of LED's or hidden lights in lanterns or fake flowers. Fairy lights are a safer option if you have lots of kids at your wedding.

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#3. Foodie ideas

Wedding decor

This can either be as little goodie bags for your guests to take home or small little bite-sized snacks in the middle of each table for the guests to indulge in. 

Wedding decor

This is a nice way to thank your guests for coming to the wedding without having to thank them all separately throughout the day. And it also gives your guests something to tuck into whilst they wait for the meals to come when it is time for the food. You can have bite-sized chocolates, mini-kababs on sticks, paan or bite-sized muffins at each table.

#4. Bringing the outdoors in

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By bringing the outdoors in, we mean having an indoor wedding with the aspects of an outdoor one such as plants, trees and beautiful archways or sculptures. 

This is an effective way to enjoy the “outdoors” without facing the ever changing weather. Plants can be a beautiful way to add greenery to your affair, a colour that goes well with winter weddings. It is also something that would sway your heart if you are an environmental person, who loves natural surroundings.

#5. Get the indoors out

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra

Alternatively, you can bring the indoors out and have a beautiful outdoor wedding. During the winters, the day time can be warm enough for a perfect outdoor ceremony to take place. 

For an outdoor wedding that would take place in the evening, you can have bonfires around to keep your guests warm and to add a traditional element to your affair. Apart from bonfires, you can place old-style angithis (brazier) at your venue.

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So, use these ideas to give a personal touch to your  wedding and add a sparkling magic to your winter wedding!



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