5 Fantastic Tips To Make A Cool And Creative Hashtag For Your Wedding


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5 Fantastic Tips To Make A Cool And Creative Hashtag For Your Wedding

In today’s age of social media, usage of #hashtags is pretty common. Be in on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, hashtags have become one of the best ways to find everything related to a topic at one place. Interestingly, they are becoming popular even among the soon-to-be married couples.

So, if you have not yet thought of it, then think now. And, it is not even difficult! But, there are a few tips that you must know before creating one for yourself, especially if you want a unique and fun wedding hashtag. So, let us tell you what they are. But, before that, let us also give you the reasons to have one for your wedding.

Reasons to have a wedding hashtag:

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  • A wedding hashtag helps you to share each and every update related to your wedding celebrations on social media, quite easily.
  • It lets your guests share all the pictures taken by them at various functions of your wedding.
  • You get to see all the wishes of your friends and family members at one place.

Having said that, let us begin with the tips to create a perfect wedding hashtag:

#1. Keep it short

Yes, this is the golden rule that you must follow while creating your wedding hashtag. It should not have more than three to five words. The more words it will have, more would be the chances of your guests misspelling or forgetting it. That is why, it is better to keep it short. 

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Also, do not add any symbol, dashes, or any space in your hashtag. Your hashtag should consist of just alphabets and numbers, such as #SahiWedsPatel, #RajWedsSaloni2015, etc. In addition, keep the initials of every word in uppercase, for ease of understanding of all.

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#2. Try to be different, but not weird

If you want to create a simple hashtag, then there is nothing better than using your and your partner’s name, nickname, or surname. But, it can look a little dull. So, try to pick some unique hashtag, which symbolises your union or tells about the ceremony. For example, if the fusion of your names forms a cool word (just like Saifeena for Saif and Kareena), then use it to show your creative side. But, do not use abbreviations like #MOPAK, which stands for 'Marriage Of Pulkit And Kirti'. It makes no sense and will just confuse your guests.

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You can add words, like ‘weds’, ‘hitch’, ‘love’, ‘party’, ‘celebration’, ‘happilyeverafter’, etc., to make your hashtag more appealing to your guests. Some examples are- #RoyWeddingParty, #AmitWedsPriya, #SonalAyushCelebration, #TeamSingh, #ShuklasLiveHappilyEverAfter, etc.

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#3. Crosscheck your hashtag

Before finalising your wedding hashtag, make sure it is unique and has not been used by anyone else. You definitely would not want your wedding details to be confused with anyone else's celebrations. So, double check your hashtag on all those social media platforms, where you want your guests to upload all the pictures and send their wishes.

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And in case, you want to use the one that is already taken, make it distinct by adding your wedding date, month, venue or anything else. For example, #AnshWedsSonalDec15, #RajWedsRuhiAtUdaipur, and so on.

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#4. Create it as soon as possible

The earlier you decide on your hashtag, the better. Why? Well, so that you can start sharing all the details right from the beginning of your wedding celebrations. And, it will also help you to collect all the pictures that your guests would have taken at various functions.

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After all, every wedding picture is precious. Isn’t it? So, do not wait till last to create a hashtag of your choice.

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#5. Publicise, publicise and publicise

Make your hashtag as much popular as possible among your guests. Tell your friends and relatives about your creative hashtag by writing it down on the save the date cards, invitation cards, wedding website, etc.

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Just let each and everyone know about your wedding hashtag so that they can share all the details easily.

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A wedding hashtag will not only make the task of sharing all the updates and pictures quite easy, but will also let you experience your big day through the eyes of your close ones. So, don’t think anymore! Just use these simple and awesome tips, and create a fun and unique hashtag for your wedding.

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