5 Amazing Tricks That Can Help You Lose Weight Without Even Exercising


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5 Amazing Tricks That Can Help You Lose Weight Without Even Exercising

Exercising, undoubtedly, is one of the best ways to lose weight and get in shape. But, there are also some tricks that you can follow to shed some extra pounds without breaking a sweat. Yes, you read it right! Apart from taking proper diet, drinking plenty of water, avoiding junk food and getting proper sleep, you can follow some easy and effective tips to say goodbye to that unwanted weight. So, are you excited to know about those wonderful tricks? Well, then read on to know how you can lose weight without exercising.

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#1. Eat with dim light and soft music

Eating in dim light along with some soft music being played in the room can help in consuming fewer calories. Even a new study from Cornell University supports this. In such a relaxing environment, you are less distracted by the surroundings and hence, you focus more on your food. This way, not only you enjoy your food more, but you are also less likely to do mindless eating. So, dim down those lights and play some soft music whenever you eat. After all, it does not require much of your efforts, right?

#2. Change the size of your plate

This is yet another brilliant trick to stop yourself from eating more without making much efforts. According to a recent research by professors, Brian Wansink and Koert van Ittersum, reducing the size of plate in which you eat also helps a lot in reducing weight. When you put same amount of food in two plates of different sizes, the bigger one appears to be having lesser amount as compared to the smaller one. And, you end up putting more food in a large plate. So, eat in a smaller plate to lose a little bit weight without actually doing anything. And, if you are still not convinced, then hear it straight from the expert, as Dr. Brian Wansink explains this logic further:

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#3. Think about food

Have a dinner party to attend? And, you are thinking about what all food items would be there? If yes, then go ahead and keep thinking about it because this will lower down the quantity of appetite hormone, and you will consume fewer calories during the meal. “Looking forward to eating could have a positive effect on food intake control because it leads to feeling full sooner, and sustaining that feeling of full, so you don't seek out high-calorie snacks," says Dr. Manfred Hallschmid, department of medical psychology and behavioural neurobiology, University of Tübingen.

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#4. Do a little work in the house

No, we are not talking about any sort of workout in house. In fact, we are talking about doing some household work to burn more calories. Like instead of using a lawn service every time, you can garden and mow by yourself for 25 to 30 minutes every week and burn around 200 calories! You can even wash your car for half an hour every week to not only save money, but also to lose around 100 calories. So, do any household chore on your own, and see the difference.

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#5. Get acupuncture done

You can also consider getting acupuncture done to lose weight. According to a study published in Acupuncture in Medicine, targeting five points in the ears, which are related to appetite suppression and digestion, leads to weight loss. Also, this technique increases the metabolic rate, which further promotes the consumption of body fat and helps you reduce weight even without exercising. However, be sure to get acupuncture done by a renowned and well-trained acupuncturist only.

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Well, now you can easily say goodbye to unwanted weight without heading to a gym or doing any kind of workout. So, don’t wait anymore! Just try these simple yet effective tricks to get in shape.  



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