4 Most Common Beauty Blunders You Might End Up Making Before Your Wedding


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4 Most Common Beauty Blunders You Might End Up Making Before Your Wedding

Every bride wants to look flawlessly beautiful on her wedding day. And, in order to make this wish come true, she looks for various beauty treatments that she can take at a salon and even at home. But, navigating through the maze of beauty treatments available and finalising the ones to take, is a tough task in itself. And, let us not forget the endless advices that a bride gets from her friends and relatives. Unfortunately, because of this information-overload, many brides end up taking certain wrong decisions that ultimately worsen their skin.

So, to save our beautiful soon-to-be brides from any such disaster, here are some common beauty blunders that all of you must avoid before your wedding.

#1. Using all new beauty products

Many of you might have got tempted by the idea of replacing your old cosmetic kit entirely with some brand new lavish products before your wedding. Well, you need to know that trying on and changing your beauty products frequently can damage your skin. The more you challenge your skin with new ingredients, the more risk you have of getting skin allergies. And, when it happens close to your wedding day, it can be really difficult to get rid of them on time. Additionally, some products can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, ultimately causing photosensitivity (sun-allergy), tanning and at times, pigmentation.

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So, it is suggested not to try more than one new product at a time. And, before you start using it, do a patch test. To conduct a patch test, all you have to do is place a small amount of product on the inner side of your arm. If you get a rash on that part of your hand within 48 hours of applying it, then you are allergic to that product. But, if it does not do any harm for next 48 hours, then you can use this product without any fear.

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#2. Getting salon facials

Usually, most brides take a series of facials from salon just a few days prior to their wedding, to make their skin look better. However, they usually ignore the need of staying informed about what is being used on their skin. Well, if you also have been doing the same, then let us warn you that these salon facials can be quite a dangerous experiment for you, especially when your wedding date is so close. Often, these beauty experts use over 10 to15 different products without even knowing if your skin can tolerate all of them. This may lead to various allergies or rashes on your face.

So, to be on a safer side, avoid the salon facials just a few days before your wedding. It is recommended to get them done at least two weeks before the D-day. Also, ask your beauty experts to avoid strong extractions close to the wedding day, as they might leave some scars on your face.

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#3. Starting the treatment too late

Many brides make the mistake of starting with the beauty treatments when the wedding date is quite too close. They go to the salon when they do not even have a month left for their wedding, making it difficult for the beauty experts to treat their problems. For example, if a bride has acne problem, then it is difficult to provide her with a solution within a month because it takes around two to three months to be cleared.

For other major issues like pigmentation and stretch marks, at least two to six months are required for the best results. So, if you have a specific issue that needs to be treated, go to your dermatologist before it is too late.

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#4. Using products without a dermatologist’s guidance

At times, many soon-to-be brides just start using a cosmetic product by just consulting a chemist at a medical store. Unfortunately, they do not realise that such unguided usage of these medicated creams can cause severe side-effects on their skin.

Some of the problems that might occur in this case are- rashes, irritation, itching, broken blood vessels, wrinkling and premature aging. For example, with the use of melalite cream without a dermatologist’s guidance, you stand a small risk of getting a blue and black irreversible pigmentation called ochronosis. So, in case you have a beauty concern, consult a dermatologist than going to anyone else.

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So, do not wait till it’s too late. Just start taking the right actions as soon as your wedding date is finalised. And, follow these simple tips to look no less than a beauty queen on the big day of your life.

Article by: Dr. Kiran Lohia, MD. She is an American Board Certified Dermatologist. She is also a Celebrity Dermatologist and Medical Director of Lumiere Dermatology, New Delhi.
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