3 Reasons That Will Convince You To Try Out The Latest Wedding Gift Trend Of Group Gifting


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3 Reasons That Will Convince You To Try Out The Latest Wedding Gift Trend Of Group Gifting

Whenever you have to attend any wedding as a guest, the most natural question that comes to your mind is- what about the wedding gift? One has to think a lot about the wedding gift, as it has to be appropriate and useful. At the same time, one has to ensure that the gift is not repeated with the other gifts received by the couple.

Group gifting is the hottest trend this wedding season which has made the process of selecting, planning and paying for wedding gifts seamless and fun! You ‘pool in’ money with friends to gift an experience to the couple.

Just invite your friends in a group, plan for an awesome wedding gift together, and contribute your share individually. You can pay through Netbanking, Debit/Credit cards, or even mobile wallets like PayTM. The money collected can be cashed out in a bank account or, even better, can be used to buy a gift card directly for the newlyweds. One place to do all this is MyPoolin, which helps you to plan and pay for group expenses like gifts, travel, cafés and events.

While this is relatively a new concept, it has become one of the trendiest ways to gift this wedding season! And, here is why group wedding gifts are a better idea.

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#1. You Never Owe People Money For The Group Gift

When you pool in money as a group online, everyone pays for themselves! You will never have that freeloader who says– “I will pay you back ASAP for sure”. Pooling money therefore kills uncomfortable ‘You Owe Me’ situations.

#2. Your Gift Is Never Repeated

You can be assured that you will not end up gifting something the couple has already received, as the gift is discussed before money pooling.

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#3. You Gift An Experience They Will Remember Forever

You end up collecting more money; hence the group can opt for a bigger and better gift.

Ideas For Group Gifting

And with group gifting, you can choose from amazing and innovative gifts such as:

Gift A Honeymoon

group gifting- Mypoolin

Most couples choose international destinations for their honeymoon; and the package for the same may go out of budget for them. You can pool for the entire honeymoon, or sponsor the flight tickets, or a hotel room booking for the couple. The booking becomes a breeze when you choose to do the same through the travel section of MyPoolin.

Gift Cards

group gifting- MyPoolin

Many couples set up their home from scratch after marriage for which, they would need to buy a lot of things. As this will cost the couple a bomb, you can simply give them a gift card of websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, etc., from where they can buy the stuff they need. Believe us, the couple will always remember you for giving them such a thoughtful gift. Group gift cards for e-commerce websites can be purchased seamlessly at Group-Gift Cards.

Travel Vouchers

group gifting- MYpoolin

You can surprise the couple with a travel voucher, like a MakeMyTrip travel voucher, which can be used a few months after their wedding or honeymoon as well. It would be just like a second honeymoon for the couple! Now, isn’t that a brilliant idea? Just choose a travel voucher, which would be utilised 4 to 10 months post their honeymoon, and would bring back the lost spark. Group gift cards can be purchased on MakeMyTrip - Pool N Pay section.

Finance A Part Of The Wedding

group gifting- MyPoolin

Weddings need a ton of money. You can help out the couple by financing the wedding decor, catering or bridal makeup. This way, you will reduce the wedding cost for the couple, and also gift them something they will never forget!

Group gifting is fun and it saves money at the same time. Additionally, you also gift the soon-to-be married couple a lifetime experience, which will be remembered by them in the years to come.

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