18 Tips For Brides To Do Their Own Wedding Makeup


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18 Tips For Brides To Do Their Own Wedding Makeup

When it comes to weddings, DIY projects are in these days. Be it designing the invites for close family and friends, making wedding favours, doing your own mehendi or designing your outfits, the internet is full of ideas to do it all yourself and that too like a pro. 

Talking about weddings, the wedding makeup for women is the next most important thing to finalise after they are sorted with the outfit. What if we tell you that you could do that yourself just with a few tips? Yes, you read that right! And, if you too happen to have a steady and neat hand while applying makeup, here are 18 tips to help you do it yourself on our own wedding. 

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#1. YouTube to the rescue

YouTube is full of tutorials to do every type of makeup ever known to women. You can even download your favourite videos to watch them offline and practice the tricks. Subscribe to the channel or artist you like the best and you are good to go!

#2. A trial session or two

Depending upon what you are wearing on the different functions, try on different looks on yourself. Take pictures and share with your besties to decide which one looks perfect. And haven’t we all heard of the phrase, ‘’practice makes the man perfect’’?

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#3. Buy long-lasting products

You don’t need to buy big and expensive brands to do your makeup. High costs mostly indicate high brands. All you need to focus on is to get long lasting products by trusted and affordable brands that are not whitening or have high SPF’s.

#4. Don’t over indulge on new products 

Just because it is your wedding day makeup, you don’t need to buy each and every product brand new. In fact, things that you already have are tried and tested. New ones could turn disastrous for all that matters. 

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#5. Don’t forget to moisturise

You will obviously apply a few coats of base for which, your face needs to be moisturised. Forgetting this step can cause cracks and lines on your base.

#6. Apply primer on your face and eye lids

A good primer application on your face, neck and eyelids helps the makeup to stay longer. It also prevents the appearance of a cakey makeup look and cracks.

#7. Apply concealer and then the foundation

The foundation helps to even out your complexion only if you choose a shade that suits your natural skin colour. But if you need to conceal your under eye dark circles, acne, pimple marks and pigmentation, then you need to apply a concealer first and then the foundation. 

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#8. Use a foundation brush or sponge

If you want the foundation to spread out evenly and not give you a made up look, tap on some foundation on your entire face using your fingertips. Now use a flat foundation brush or a pad in circular motions to blend it in.

#9. High definition = snow white

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Unless you will be under the scrutiny of harsh and bright lights and are only planning on getting pictures taken as if it were for a photo shoot, avoid using high definition or HD makeup as it will make you look extra fair.  

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#10. Don’t forget the lip liner

The lip liner helps the lip colour to stay within the lip line and not bleed. To give the lips a fuller look, try applying the lip liner first on the lip line, and then on the entire lips. After this, apply your lip colour and thank us later!

#11. The correct way to apply the second coat of lip colour

After step no. 10, take a tissue and gently dab your lips once. Re-apply the lip colour once last time and voila, you are lip ready for the next 12-14 hours!

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#12. Say no to super-shiny gloss

No doubt glossy lips are to die for, but they also let the lip colour come off very soon. So, unless it is for an intimate homely function, avoid using gloss and stick to a matte look.

#13. Don’t forget the neck and the arms

Body makeup is a must! Most girls concentrate on making their face look good and forget to care for the hands and neck. Apply a moisturiser, some foundation and a little bronzer on to these parts as well, for a complete bridal look!

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#14. Translucent powder on your T-zone

If your face is sweaty, especially on your T-Zone, apply some translucent powder on that zone to avoid sweating. It will also avoid that shiny appearance caused by sweating.

#15. Let your eyelashes go wild with volume

Weather you decide to do dreamy or dramatic eyes, make sure you use a heavy volume mascara. After all, it is your eyes that speak volumes without saying a word. Use a double coat on your lashes after applying your eye makeup.

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#16. A shimmery highlighter on all that matte

As far as the rest of the face and makeup is concerned, for it to be smudge-free and long-lasting, be sure you use matte finish products. For that star like sheen, dust a little shimmery highlighter on your cheekbones, T-zone and neck.

#17. Contour only if you know how to

Contouring the face is an art that can’t be learnt overnight. You need to know how and need to practice a lot to become a pro. So, unless you want to take that chance, don’t even attempt to try it if you don’t know how to.

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#18. Set the makeup with face powder or a setting spray

And last but not the least, light or heavy, when you are done with your makeup, use a face powder or setting spray to set the makeup to keep it in place to last the entire wedding. But while using the spray, make sure your eyes are tightly closed to avoid burning.

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Your makeup on your wedding day determines how nice or not your wedding pictures will turn out to be. And, it is that one factor that makes or breaks your confidence that day. So, if you choose to do it yourself, make sure you adhere to these small little tips. 

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