12 Reasons To Prove Why A Father-Daughter Relationship Is The Most Special Relationship In The World


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12 Reasons To Prove Why A Father-Daughter Relationship Is The Most Special Relationship In The World

A father is the first man a girl knows when she enters the world. He will never complain, always be strict and listen to all your tantrums when you throw one! He is the one who will try hard not to cry at your wedding but will break down once you leave for your sasural.

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Let us just simply put it as; daughters need their fathers. We need every ounce of courage, protective instinct, affection, wit, charm and humour that our dads have for their little princesses. More than anything else, we need them to set a course of life for us. It is a well-known fact that a dad has the ability to shape his daughter’s life, and nothing could be more true. But, there is a difference in the intensity of bonds a girl kid and a boy kid forms with their dads. A girl, from the very beginning just favours her dad over her mom. Here are some reasons we girlies just tend to love our dads a tad bit more than our moms.

#1. He is the first man in our lives

Father-daughter relationship

For us, our dad is the first man we see in our lives. What he does, how he does it, his behaviour towards us, his attitude towards mom and each small thing has an impact on us. He sets the course for our life. We adore him for everything he does, and start dreaming of a marrying the guy, who will be half as good as him.

#2. While moms are loving, dads are super-protective

Father-daughter relationship

Our mothers love us just as unconditionally as our dads do. Still, the protective instinct their fathers have for their princesses is just something, which nobody can replicate. They make us feel safe; nobody can even look at us evilly when our dads are around.

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#3. Fathers care for their daughters

Father-daughter relationship

Be it their wife, their son, their parents or anybody else. Dads always, and we mean always, care for their daughters more. They make every possible effort to safeguard them from anything that might hurt them. And also, they do everything in their power to destroy anything or anyone that tries to pull their daughters down.

#4. We can channelise all our excess affection to our dads

Father-daughter relationship

This is a fact too, that most girls are super-affectionate. Right from when we are little, we have this urge to love people close to us. And somehow, we always pick our fathers to shower our love upon. Like they pamper us, we make efforts to make them happy. It gives us a sense of satisfaction when our dads smile because of us.

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#5. They love us more than our brothers because they have no competition with us to be the ‘alpha male’

Father-daughter relationship

When sons grow up and turn into mature adults, they usually start questioning their dad’s decision. They exert their newfound manliness in the house and thus, tend to get distanced from their dads. Girls, however, never do any such thing. We become independent individuals, we take their own decisions, but we still always remain daddy’s girls and ask him for the smallest of things.

#6. Our dads teach us to be strong and weak at the same time

Father-daughter relationship

If there is one most important life lesson that we take from our fathers, it is that we do not have to be strong always. Sometimes it is okay to be weak and break down. But, they also teach us to get up and move on. They also build a will in us to never tolerate anything that we feel is not right.

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#7. Our dads set an example for our future relationships, both romantic and non-romantic

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Fathers have the ability to influence his daughter’s future relationships in ways more than one. They take care of their princesses incessantly, always having their backs on us. The way they behave with us, set an example in our minds about our future boyfriends/husbands. We refuse to settle for anything less that the high standards our dads have set in our lives.

And even when it comes to non-romantic relationships, it is a psychologically proven fact that girls who have a beautiful bond their father, are more capable of being social and forming good bonds with those around her.

#8. Fathers are like role models for their daughters

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Despite a popular belief that daughters usually try to be like their mothers, it is interesting to note that most girls consider their dads to be their role models. Although we tend to dress up like our moms, most of our behavioral traits come from our dads. When our fathers encourage us to do something, we make sure we do it and come out with flying colours. That is just the kind of effect our daddies have on us.

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#9. Even psychology has its own ways to prove the father-daughter bond

Father-daughter relationship

A famous psychologist and psychoanalyst, best known for his work in developing child attachment theories, put forward a crucial point in one of his studies. He said that the ability of an individual to have an emotional or physical attachment to another person gives him a sense of stability that helps them to take risks, improve in weaker areas of their lives, and encourage their personality development.

Children are always attached to their caregivers, so when we are young and we see our mothers caring for us, we tend to be attached to her. But when we grow up, we see our dads fulfilling all our needs and wants, so our favour shifts more towards them. But more than anything, it’s just basic instinct that makes us girls lean more towards our dad than our moms.

#10. Dads to the rescue when moms are angry

Father-daughter relationship

Remember when your mom says a big ‘NO’ to that much-awaited Goa trip of yours? Whom do you go to repair your shattered heart, or better to make mom understand that you’ll be fine? While you might have to convince your daddy dearest too for the same, but trust me, you will all agree that a hug to your dad and he is all melted like a butter! Now that your job’s done, make a puppy face together and go to mom. Any luck this time?

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#11. Dads encourage you to take risks

Father-daughter relationship

While a mom will more be on the love and concern side, it’s your dad who will tell you to plunge and take a step forward. Moving to a new city? He will come with you to help you settle. Gone bankrupt even though you are earning? “Hello, dad?” is what we hear. Have no idea about investments and tax file return? We look up to our dads again!

#12. We will always remain daddy’s little girls, no matter what

Father-daughter relationship

It does not matter how old we are, or at what stature in our lives we have reached. Our dads will always be our superheroes, because we do not just love, but respect them immensely too. We love and respect our moms too, but nothing compares to the affection that we share with our dads. For our fathers, we will always be their laadli, their little girl.

Our dads are and always continue to be the most important man in our lives. Nothing and nobody can match up to the level of love we have for them. So, if you are a daddy’s girl too, we are sure you must have felt a connect with all the things written above, right?

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