15 Super-Cool Reasons That Will Convince You To Have A Big Fat Indian Wedding


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15 Super-Cool Reasons That Will Convince You To Have A Big Fat Indian Wedding

Couples these days worry about saving money for future rather than going in for an extravagant big fat Indian wedding. But having it outright has its own rewards. The big fat Indian weddings are simply incredible.

Well, a few days back we shared with you an article on, why it was okay to elope with your fiance, rather than going in for a big fat Indian wedding (13 Awesome Reasons Why Eloping Is Better Than Having A Big Fat Indian Wedding). And then we decided, we should give the other side a chance too. So, we bring to you 15 amazing reasons that will tell how great it can be to have a big fat Indian wedding.

 #1. You are no more ‘his friend’ or ‘her cousin’!

You are already a hot topic of discussion across each place that received your wedding card. And with your whole-sole identity printed on your wedding card, now even the who's who in your extended family knows you by your name. Be prepared for those unexplained hiccups!

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#2. Undoubtedly, you get to look the BEST!

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For once there will be no competition between you and everyone else. You get to buy the best ensemble and have the best makeup. Without a doubt, you get to have the look and feel of a royalty on your wedding day and no one dares to put you down.

#3. Endless gifts come your way!

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Wedding is not just a private birthday party. Hundreds of people will be there. This means more gifts. Yay!

#4. All the more blessings

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Along with those presents you get to take blessings from anyone and everyone who arrives in to be a part of this joyous occasion, and their blessings come straight from their hearts. So more the merrier!

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#5. The camera is all for you

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No need to look for someone with a DSLR or ask a friend to click your pictures. You are the celebrities now, and the camera will follow you. Every move of yours will be beautifully captured.

#6. You both get special rides

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For just one day there will be no traffic rules for you! When do you generally see a man, all dressed up arriving on an elephant, or goregously adorned woman moving around in a palanquin? Never! But on your wedding day you get your special rides. Girls, you can experiment and ask for Cinderella's pumpkin buggy! We bet, those envying looks passing across would make way for the day’s royal couple.

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#7. You get to meet distant relatives

How many of you even remember anyone past your first cousins? We get so lost in our busy schedules that we get minimal time to see our second, third and other distant cousins. We know them, we want to meet them, but where is the time? Wedding is one such occasion that brings everyone close.

#8. Everyone you love stays under one roof

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What more one can ask, with too many relatives and guests arriving you get to stay with them all at one place for days till the wedding. You do not have to call your best friend when you are having pre-wedding jitters or wait till the morning to call your cousins for last-minute dance rehearsals. Everyone is literally a step away.

#8. The pre-wedding bliss!

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A week long of getting the lavish treatment, beat that! When you are getting married, it is not only about the wedding. The plentiful pre-wedding functions are equally important and awesome. They make each day, prior to your wedding, simply amazing.

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#9. Your wish is their command

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There is something about weddings. Whatever until now you dreamed about your wedding is gradually coming to life. Be it booking your dream venue, or demands for a 'hatke' wedding, you just wish it and there is no denial.

#11. Party all night

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When all your partners in crime are staying with you then, partying all day-night long, every day is just so obvious. No curfews. No restrictions. Just turn up the music and the party is ready for you.

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#12. Get to be the ‘Queen Bee’!

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None of your siblings, so far, bothered to fetch you a glass of water. But now, all you need to do is ring the bell. You get the kind of pampering that you always imagined. You do not even have to put your feet down. Everything will be arranged for you, as all the attention goes straight to family's new 'queen bee'!

 #13. Endless days of shopping begins!

The entire town by now knows that your wedding is round the corner. Buy this, buy that! Clothes, jewellery, shoes, makeup, you can simply buy it all. Because, hey! You are getting married.

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 #14. You get to share your happiness with everyone

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You may have found 'the one', but there are tonnes of other relationships as well that you made all along. Through an Indian wedding, you get to share your moments and happiness with everyone, who has been a part of your life so far.

#15. You can get emotional and no one will judge you

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Weddings are the times when you are emotionally vulnerable, yet, so strong. Even the toughest person ca not always keep it together. You can show your emotions and no one will judge you. Besides, what is a wedding without some overflowing emotions and tears?

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Doing your thing and spending a lot on your wedding is fine because it is a once in a lifetime thing. Don't feel guilty about it. Go ahead and do what you feel like because you do not have a big fat Indian wedding every day!

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