15 Crazy Moments That Complete Our Typical Indian Weddings


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15 Crazy Moments That Complete Our Typical Indian Weddings

From  a drunk uncle burning the dance floor on his own to guests who eat like no one is watching- there is much that happens at an Indian wedding that we all can identify with. Here is a sneak-peek of 15 things that happen at an Indian shaadi. Put a mental check mark along the ones that you have either witnessed or been a part of. Well, we are sure most of you will be getting 15 out of 15. So, are you ready to experience a typical Indian wedding once again?

#1. Late night catch-up session

Cousins/friends make it a point that they reach at least 3-4 days in advance for a catch-up session before the wedding. It is almost a ritual that involves giving updates and sharing some gyaan about marriage and relationships in general!

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#2. Sleep in any space you see vacant!

At an Indian wedding, everyone is quite accommodating and can sleep in any spot that is vacant. Especially the youngsters, who have no reservations for sleeping on the floor too! Well, it is not just about sleeping. It is all about talking into the night with your cousin and best friend by your side. And, after all it is a matter of barely a few hours, before you are woken up for the next ritual or an impromptu dancing session.

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#3. You lose track of what is kept where

From your clothes and slippers to your luggage– everything stands a chance of escaping your sight. After all there are too many people and too much to take care of. You will see aunties crying foul over a missing make up kit or uncles losing their shaving kit, and kids will inevitable lose a toy or two!

#4. Cash flow

The ‘shagun kay lifaafe’ is typical feat of an Indian wedding. You will see a relative with a designated role of a treasurer from the either side with a big bag, with just one responsibility to fulfil, collect all the packets carefully!

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#5. Food gets the maximum attention

Yes, for almost every Indian guest, it is the buffet that holds their fascination and interest above anything else. They starve themselves for a week and eat all they must on the wedding day. They are the ones that will have everything piled up on their plate and will be seen burping on-the-go!

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#6. Wedding crashers

Wedding crashers may be your friend’s friend or those who just happened to have invited themselves for free food! The only reason perhaps you can’t identify these free loaders is that you may assume they are from the other side of the family!

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#7. Car becomes a makeshift bar

Most Indian wedding do not make arrangement for open bar on the wedding day, and that is when a ‘bar in a car’ (aka car-o-baar) opens up. After all, a celebration just doesn’t feel complete without a Patiala peg or two! What’s more? Those who don’t want to drink in the open, in front of the relatives, also make best use of their car by stacking enough booze to last the night!

#8. Photobombers

Well, at times there are more guests on the stage, than off it. Everyone wants to get clicked with the bride and the groom, and there are times when the lovely couple is hardly even visible in the frame. What’s more? The friends and the relatives who wish to place their kids in between the couple, or make them sit on the couple’s lap, for a happy picture.

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#9. London Thumakda!

The crazy dancing, whether on the dance floor or in the ‘baaraat’ cannot miss a mention! Whether you are a star performer or have two left feet, at an Indian wedding you get respect only for the number of ‘thumkas’ you can do in a row! Oh and you will have uncles do the ‘naagin’ dance and burning the dance floor like a pro! Well, at an Indian wedding everyone from 6 to 60 loves to dance.

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#10. Friendly flirting!

Those eligible bachelors will always look for someone to flirt with, and why not? There could be another love story waiting to find a way to the altar! Yes, almost every Indian wedding has a Hum Aapke Hain Koun… story brewing in it!

#11. Relatives/friends become matchmakers

Those who are single or of a marriageable age carry a fear of bumping into their matchmaker relatives and friends! There is no way anyone escapes their prying eyes that hunt for the most suitable ‘future’ bride or groom!

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#12. The photographer loves you at your worst

The moment you fill your plate with food, trying to fix your dress, making a face, or just doing anything that is not even remotely worth capturing, well the photographer’s flash goes off. Yes, the Indian wedding photographers have a pungent sense to discover people when they are filling their plates with food or about to put a spoonful of something in their mouth.

#13. Party all night long!

With parents and relatives busy with arrangements, the younger lot let their hair down and make the most out of it. Yes, an Indian wedding is a week-long party; so dance, drink, crack jokes, flirt, and do whatever you want, without your parent’s eyes following you up and down.

#14. Only a handful of people are awake by the time pheras start

All the wedding mania culminates on the wedding day, especially during the pheras where only a couple of people are awake. Nothing beats the sight of relatives taking a power nap and snoring while panditji chants mantras.​

Image Courtesy: Meenu Bahuguna

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#15. No vidaai is complete without the ‘Babul ki duaayein’ song

There is a build-up of sobs and tears as soon as the pheras start and it reaches crescendo during vidaai. The ‘band wallahs’ know when to start playing the ‘Babul ki duaayein’ song, which triggers a scene that looks no less than a scene straight from the Ekta Kapoor serials. But, this is the most emotional moment for everyone and it won’t be a surprise if you see a twinkle in your eye turning into a tear.

Image Courtesy: Inderjeet Gill Photography

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So, how many did you find nodding your head on? And, is there anything that we might have missed out on, then do share it with the other readers by leaving your comments below. After all, we are always in for a good LOL!

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