13 Unusual Uses Of Nail Paints That Can Be A Lifesaver For You Girls


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13 Unusual Uses Of Nail Paints That Can Be A Lifesaver For You Girls

If you are among the girls who love to stock nail paints, trust us, after reading this, you will realise, you have a lifesaving potions in your drawer! Besides adding colours to your nails, these magical bottles can come to your rescue when you need immediate help with a chaos.

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Here are 13 ways of putting these nail paints to use, just when you need help, the most:

#1. Save your car from rusting

You can use your nail paint to brush the colour back on your car. This will save your car from getting rusted where the iron is exposed to the air. You do not need to wait for the time when your car will go for denting painting. Do it at home!

#2. Before the crack of windshield widens

If ever a small crack appears on your windshield, you know this is going to spread out, expand and soon shatter the whole glass. Well, you will have to get it repaired for sure, but you can prevent it for the time being by applying nail polish on it. Apply some nail polish to the cracked screen and it will prevent glass from breaking for the time being, till you get it repaired. 

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#3. When you need to paste back a button

If a button pops out from your top, and you do not want to ruin your look with a missing button on you, paste it back! Your nail polish can act as a temporary adhesive to paste back that button and get your perfect look back.

#4. Cobbler cobbler, I can mend my shoe!

You will face the problem of your shoe colour chipping out. And you might not have a heart to throw those pretty shoes away, which otherwise looks so good with your dresses! You don’t need to throw those. Pick up a nail colour with similar hue, and fill the de-coloured gaps on your shoe with it. No one will be able to make out, till they gaze deep and real close!

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#5. To label a mark

You might have two similar things, and you want to make a mark on one of those, to differentiate. You can use your nail polish to make that distinguishing mark on one of it. Nail paint does not blur with time, it won’t smudge, it dries up fast and of course, it is handy to make your life easy. 

#6. Nail polish can come handy when you plan to get romantic

Well, how about writing down something to your lover, in embossed letters, with your favourite colour & shine that never fades away? Pick a piece of paper, scribble down the message, and pass it on. Let him make out what sorcery have you used there. You can also consider drawing your initials on his handkerchief. 

#7. Torn cloth? Prevent it from widening further

Your leggings just got torn? Least you could do to save yourself from an embarrassing situation is, apply nail paint on its two ends. This will secure the ends, which will save the tear from expanding its horizon!

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#8. Refurbish the embellishments on your dress

If you have nail paint with a similar colour, as of the embellishment used on your dress, you can polish it instantly. Refurbish it, and bring it back to glory!

#9. To tarnish proof your jewellery 

Your rare junk jewellery can give jaw-drop to people. But how do you handle the jewellery tarnishing from behind? Sometimes tarnishing jewellery also reacts with your skin. To deal with this, you can apply nail paint to your jewellery from the back side. This will prevent it from tarnishing or reacting with your skin.

#10. Fix the loose screws

You can fix the loose screws at home, by applying nail polish right at the point where the nut ends on the screw. This will act as a stopper for it. And the best part is that nail polish dries up really fast, and you will not have to wait till long to see the result.

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#11. Holes in the door? Fix them instantly 

Not very long since you got your home painted? And doors already have little nicks and holes ? You can dab the holes and rifts through your magic bottle. This will prove to be an inexpensive, quick to do, and a feel good measure in fixing up your home. 

#12. Buckle up your belts and shoes with lustre

With time, the buckle of your belt or of your shoe might lose its lustre. You can put the shine back to it with a stroke of your nail paint brush!

#13. Join the ends of papers with this quick fix potion!

Whether it is the ends of an envelope that you want to paste, or it is the ends of a letter that you quickly want to pass on, but have no way to ensure that the secrecy does not leak. Your nail paint will save it from getting out. 

Aren't these the most brilliant nail paint hacks one could imagine? So, the next time, you run into these little troubles, you know what to do! 

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