13 Totally Adorable Signs That Your Partner Is Your Best Friend


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13 Totally Adorable Signs That Your Partner Is Your Best Friend

Lucky are those who get to marry the person who is also their best friend. And, for some other fortunate ones, the person they marry eventually becomes their closest buddy for life. Howsoever it happens; it really is one of the greatest things that any married couple can ever experience. After all, living forever with your best friend can simply make your life totally awesome.

Well, if you are wondering whether you share such a relationship with your partner or not, then let us help you understand that better. Here are a few signs that indicate that your partner is your best friend.

#1. You are each other’s favourite company

You two do not mind being with each other even for the things that are considered to be only the ‘boy's things’ or ‘girl's stuff’. Simply because when together, you two are totally awesome!

#2. Your partner is the first person to know about anything that happens in your life

Because you know that they are also the one to whom your happiness or sorrows matters the most!

#3. You can do nothing together for hours and still enjoy each other’s company

#4. There are a million of things that you love doing together other than just making love

You just find each other’s company to be awesome. And, making fun of each other and laughing your guts out is what you two enjoy the most!

#5. You talk about everything under the sun and just cannot keep secrets from each other

#6. You only think of each other whenever you need any advice

Simply because you know they truly care for you, and would never advice you to do anything that would ever harm you.

#7. You get along with each other’s friends pretty well

#8. You fight with each other over a lot of things, but you both makeup within a few minutes

After all, who does not have fight? But, resolving it fast and sealing the deal with a kiss is what you two always do!

#9. You both laugh with and at each other

#10. You miss each other badly whenever you two are not together

No matter how much you both plan of having some ‘me’ time, you cannot really stay apart for long!

#11. You love to gossip with each other for hours

#12. You both fight for the last bite, but always end up sharing it

Now that is totally an ‘awww’ moment!

#13. All you need to communicate with each other is, just one look!

After all, you share a special bond, and it needs no words to explain things to each other, right?

So, all you lucky people out there, if you could relate to even a few of these points, go ahead and share the article with your partner and make their day. What’s more? Go out and celebrate your friendship with a romantic date tonight!


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