9 Reasons Why It Is An Absolute Delight To Date A Family-Oriented Guy


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9 Reasons Why It Is An Absolute Delight To Date A Family-Oriented Guy

Every guy on the planet has a different personality and when you begin to date one, it is up to you to be alert enough to notice his traits and mannerisms, and judge what kind of a person he is. He may be a bit self-centered or a very social and giving person. He might be someone who loves to be left alone or one who enjoys being there for and with his family, more than anything else.

While the thought of a very family oriented guy might scare a girl thinking he will always be busy with his family, it might not be such a bad thing after all. How you wonder? Well, we get you all the positives of dating a guy who is family-oriented.

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#1. He will be a strong support system for you

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His family is a strong woven unit and has always supported each other in every decision. Being supportive of one another, is the biggest family value a person learns while being around them. And, this is what your guy has learnt too.

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#2. He will always stand by you in tough times

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His values taught him that running away is no solution, and when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Only a confident and family-oriented man will have the guts and maturity to stick by you through every tough phase.

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#3. He will be a great father

He will be calm, patient, kind and caring towards children, and will definitely want kids of his own soon. And not to forget, what a great role model he will be for them to follow.

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#4. He apologizes when he is at fault

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Because he does not have a false male ego, and he knows that apologising for his mistake would not make him less of a person. Now that’s a real man in every true sense!

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#5. He will always chose spending time with you and the kids over anything else

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Because for him family is his priority, everything else can be done later or wait. Time waits for no one, and the time spent with you and the children are memories you all will cherish forever.

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#6. He has great family values and respects women

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The fact that he is so family oriented shows he was raised well by a lady with great values herself. His mother taught him how to respect women and that is something he will follow forever.

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#7. You will have a very supportive mother-in-law in most probability

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A family oriented guy does not ignore his parents by getting involved with his own new family. He takes care of his parents, spends time with them, and makes sure they are comfortable. Seeing this kind of attitude, his mother automatically has nothing to crib about, and so is very caring towards her daughter-in-law as well.

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#8. He is fun, trustworthy, confident and a loving spouse

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Being raised in a big family where everyone supports and respects one another, your guy grew up to be this person who is confidant and a true lover at heart. Someone you can trust easily, and one who has solutions to most of your problems. Being with someone like that will always keep your mental peace intact.

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#9. He will be your best friend 

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Because that is the foundation of a long-lasting marriage, and he has learnt this seeing his parents and other elder couples in his family. Could you ask for anything else?

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So all you lovely ladies, if you may have found this guy we are talking about, it would be a good idea to never let him go and lead a very happy and secure family life after marriage.