12 Sure Shot Signs That You Are Ready For Marriage


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12 Sure Shot Signs That You Are Ready For Marriage

Marriage brings a big change in a person’s life. In most of the cases, both men and women have to make a lot of adjustments, sacrifices and compromises, once they get married. Maybe that is the reason why, even after being in a relationship for quite some time, a lot of couples take too much time to take the decision to finally get hitched. 

Well, if you too are one of those confused souls, who are just not able to make up their minds regarding marriage, then let us help you a bit. Here are some of the sure shot signs that will tell that you are actually ready to get married.

#1. You start noticing weddings quite differently

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While earlier it used to be all about what all things were so much fun at a wedding, now it is more about things like, “how much does that cost?”, “where to get this done from?”, “who is the planner?”, etc.

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#2. Whenever you plan your future, it is with or around your partner

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Whether it is your career or your family, every decision is taken keeping them in mind.

#3. Unlike before, the thought of living with someone forever does not scare you anymore

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In fact, it is something you look forward to and crave for each day.

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#4. Seeing the wedding pictures of your newlywed friends on Facebook takes you to a dreamland

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And, you keep planning about how special and unique your wedding would be from all your friends.

#5. You totally love the idea of managing finances together

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In fact, the thought of making a better future together with your combined incomes simply gets you all excited.

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#6. You genuinely want to be with your partner in both good and bad days

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Even a mild frown on their face can make your heart ache.

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#7. You find your partner’s family absolutely amazing

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And, you totally love spending time with them.

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#8. Every time you talk about your partner, you inevitably refer to them as hubby or wifey

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After all, you have known each other in and out, and marriage is the only thing that is keeping you apart.

#9. You find joy in doing simple things together

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Be it watching television, shopping for grocery, clicking a selfie, or anything else, you just love it when you do it in a team of two.

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#10. Just the thought of making love to someone else other than your partner is repulsive

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#11. You are perfectly fine with the word, COMPROMISE, now

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Be it something as small as sharing your shampoo with your partner, or anything big like rejecting a job offer from the other city, you start understanding that you cannot have it all. And, you totally love making such adjustments in life.

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#12. You have actually discussed about getting married

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Both of you are genuinely serious about it, and have discussed it quite often.

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Well, just remember that all these signs come to you naturally. No one can actually make you realise that you are now ready to get married. So, if you notice any of these signs, then you are surely on the path to leading a happy married life.

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