13 Awesome Reasons Why Eloping Is Better Than Having A Big Fat Indian Wedding


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13 Awesome Reasons Why Eloping Is Better Than Having A Big Fat Indian Wedding

A fairytale wedding for any Indian couple would be, getting dressed up lavishly, having a big fat buffet and a majestically decorated setup, and taking the vows amid all these things, as well as a lot of relatives.

Well, if you too cannot think of getting married without any of these elements, then here is something that can change your mind! You can have a fun-filled wedding even without any of these things. Wondering how? Well, simply by running away with your partner, and getting married in a subtle and peaceful setup. And, to convince yourself for this, simply scroll down to see why eloping is better than having a big fat Indian wedding.

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#1. No need to go through the stress of planning

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By having a conventional wedding, you will have to go through the stressful process of planning for it. And, it may take up a lot of your days, weeks and even months. Well, why go through so much of stress when you have the easy way out?

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#2. No family drama

There would always be some members in the family, who would just not be happy with some or the other thing in the wedding. And, they will not shy away from creating an issue out of nothing, just to spoil everyone’s mood. Apart from this, some over-excited saalis, drunken unclejis, and annoying auntyjis will be there to add even more drama to the entire wedding. And, by simply running away, you can dodge all this and have a peaceful collaboration of your souls.

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#3. No ‘posing for the perfect pic’ session

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The photographer would definitely force you to make some absolutely weird poses for your wedding album. No matter how reluctant you are to agree with him, he would just not listen to you. So, if you want to avoid this person with an ‘artistic vision’ on your wedding day, then pack your bags and run away! Take a few selfies, and tell your beautiful story in your own way.

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#4. No need to spend huge amount of money

Needless to mention, Indian weddings are just too expensive. You spend huge amounts of money on things like, venue, food, clothes, gifts, and what not. And sadly, all this lasts for just one day! Well, wouldn’t it be a great idea to save all the money and spend it all on yourself. And, you certainly would be able to do that saving by simply running away and getting secretly married in a court or a temple.

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#5. No noise pollution

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A groom usually enters like a king with a never-ending dance session of the baraatis. And, the loud music played in the baraat can give anyone a headache. But, if you elope, there would be no band, no loud music, and hence, no noise pollution! You can just elope, get married peacefully, and be happy while saving the Earth!

#6. No 'sitting for hours' session

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Once you reach the stage, you will have to grace your throne for hours so that the relatives could come to you one by one with their gifts and wishes. And, not to miss that fake smile, which you will have to constantly wear on your face. Well guys, if you really want to save yourself from this act of pretending, then do not just 'sit' there. We hope you got what we mean!

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#7. No need to worry about the camera while eating

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A long and tiring day it has already been, and now you cannot even eat properly! We know that you deserve to gorge on a savoury treat, but how can you do so when you know the camera is continuously focussing on you and your food? And yes, do not forget the ‘tradition’ in which the bride and the groom feed each other just to give yet another pose to the photographer. So, you simply end up spending so much in arranging for the food, but you do not get to enjoy it! Well, don’t you think it would a far better idea to elope and have a lavish meal with your partner?

#8. No need to doll up

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As an Indian couple, you will be expected to dress up heavily from head to toe, and yet be graceful in that uncomfortable attire. What’s more? Both of you will spend so much on your outfits, and chances are that you will never wear them in your entire life again! And, in such a situation, the option of running away sounds just too tempting, doesn’t it?

P.S.: You can elope even in tracksuits. In fact, they will be quite too comfortable as you run away!

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#9. No worries of 'maintaining the decorum'

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While showing affection to each other might not be possible in front of all your guests, eloping gives you full chance of getting a bit cosy with your partner, as you take the wedding vows. No eyes on you, and you two are absolutely free!

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#10. No need to compromise with your sleep

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Indian wedding ceremonies are a bit too stretched, and they deprive you of a much-needed sleep for quite too many days. On one hand, you spend too much of your time and money to get a flawless skin on your wedding day. And, on the other hand, you simply spoil the natural beauty of your face by depriving it of a proper sleep. So, just run away and avoid those dark circles.

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#11. No need to worry about gaining weight

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While a lot of you work hard to get a toned body for your wedding day, all your efforts go waste as soon as the ceremonies begin. In each and every ceremony, your mouth is stuffed with a variety of sweets. And, not to forget the post-wedding lunch and dinner sessions at various friends' and relatives' places that you have to attend. And guess what? By getting married without the world knowing about it, you save yourself from this tension as well!

#12. No one to spoil your moment

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In the struggle of making everything right, couples do not get to enjoy the most beautiful time of their lives. Even though it is your day, the only way you can enjoy it is by watching other people celebrate it. So, to have some special moments between just the two of you, be a little selfish and marry on your own terms. This will allow you to have a few wonderful moments, and no one would be there to disturb.

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#13. No better way to have a fun and adventurous wedding

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After all, it is so much fun to take the path less travelled. And, the uncertainty about what will happen next just adds a flavour of adventure in the entire process to eloping.

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Well, as much as we acknowledge the fact that friends and families are important, the person with whom you will spend the rest of your life is even more important. You can elope, save a lot of money for your new life together, and enjoy the moment. So, happy eloping to you!

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