11 Outrageously Simple Shaving Hacks All Grooms Should Know


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11 Outrageously Simple Shaving Hacks All Grooms Should Know

Some like it clean while some prefer the beard. When it comes to the top trends doing the rounds these days for men, having a well-groomed beard or a moustache tops the list. There is something about the beard that makes men look hotter and more desirable, provided, they know how to maintain it.

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Especially before, during and post your wedding functions, you need to look your absolute best, and for which, you need to be well-groomed. And because there are a million articles on the net for women’s styling and grooming, we decided to come to the rescue of our dashing men, and brought you a list of simple shaving techniques and hacks that will make your shaving experience a better one.

#1. Keep the razor dry at all times after use

Simple Shaving Hacks

You need to ensure that after using it, the razor blades must be completely dry. Firstly, if left wet, they hamper the sharpness of the blades, thus fading them and secondly, the water can cause them to rust a little. You certainly don’t want to use a rusted blade on your face to cause scratches and infections.

#2. Mix baby oil with shaving cream

Simple Shaving Hacks

If you are running short of shaving cream and also want a baby like skin post the shave, mix baby oil with your shaving cream and see the difference.

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#3. A brilliant alternate for a shaving cream is...

Simple Shaving Hacks

If you have completely run out of shaving cream and you need to go to this official gathering or a special date, just substitute shaving cream with a hair conditioner. And if you happen to have sensitive skin, you should consider making this swipe more often!

#4. Try using a toner before shaving

Simple Shaving Hacks

Before using the shaving cream on your face, just dab a little facial toner on your beard. This will give you a smoother shaving experience and help all the hair come off at once.

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#5. Always moisturise

Simple Shaving Hacks

Face creams and moisturisers are not just meant for women to use. Your skin too needs the moisturisation so that it doesn’t crack or age too soon. Especially after using your aftershave, use a gentle moisturiser to massage your face in circular motions for 2-3 minutes.

#6. Let the cream be on your face for 5 to 7 minutes

Simple Shaving Hacks

Once you apply your shaving cream or foam on your face, let it stay on for 5 to 7 minutes so that it gets completely absorbed. It will make the beard soft and wet which will make the shaving neater.

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#7. For the best shaving experience, combine it with a facial scrub

Simple Shaving Hacks

Your skin goes through so much every day. The pollution, the dirt and all the impurities that it takes in cause pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Thus, make it a point to use a facial scrub on your face once a week before you shave. This will make your skin more spotless and clear post your shave.

#8. Use cold water to close the facial pores

Simple Shaving Hacks

Never use hot or lukewarm water as it will not close the pores and instead, attract dirt particles to come and settle in the pores thus causing breakouts and acne.

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#9. Do not shave everyday

Simple Shaving Hacks

Shaving everyday will make your skin rough and poky. Even the hair needs to grow a little before you use a razor to uproot it.

#10. Keep those strokes short

Simple Shaving Hacks

Another trick to help you get a better shaving experience is that instead of making your razor strokes long and brisk, use short strokes to get cleaner shave in one stroke.

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#11. Use a trimmer to style your beard

Simple Shaving Hacks

And if you do not have the time or enough growth that will allow you to get a proper shave, use a trimmer to style your beard. Not only will it avoid you looking un-kept but you also get to experience with different styles of beards.

So, the next time you are about to shave, keep in mind all of these points to look your stunning best on all your wedding functions and otherwise without having to step into a salon for the same.

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