10 Types Of Brides You See Only At Indian Weddings


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10 Types Of Brides You See Only At Indian Weddings

No bride would leave any stone unturned to make sure that her wedding day is nothing but perfect. After all, it is one of the most memorable days of her life. It has to be very special; just the way she has been dreaming for years. (READ: 8 Most Stylish Celebrity Brides Of 2015)

While some brides are coy enough to leave everything on their family and groom to decide, others are just like “Aamir Khan of weddings” who will do anything to make sure that everything is perfect. There are some brides who are so bindass and carefree that they just want their wedding to be truly fun. And, then there are those who just won’t stop crying on each and every thing. So, lets us have a look at the types of Indian bride and what makes them stand apart from the others.

#1 The sentimental bride

The sight of her dressed up groom, makes her shed tears of joy. The very thought of leaving her beloved family, makes her cry. If everything goes perfectly well, then also she can’t control her tears from welling up.

Well, some brides just can’t help but get sentimental about each and every thing when it comes to their special day. Be it during the wedding preparation, function or her vidaai, she can hug her family members and cry.

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#2 The sharmili bride

Just the word marriage makes her blush. And no matter how much her friends or relatives tease her about her to-be groom or the marriage, she simply gushes, but never says a word.

"Sharam to ladki ka gehna hota hai" is what she abides by.

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#3 Miss perfectionist

Right from her dress, entry, decoration, venue, menu and what not, this bride takes charge of everything. Her only goal is to make sure that everything falls perfectly into place, just the way she has planned for years. Well, we will say, she is indeed “the Aamir Khan of weddings!”

She looks into each and every detail over and over again to avoid any loophole. Just one slight fault and all hell break loose!

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#4 The romantic bride

Moment you walk in to a wedding and spot heart-shaped balloons, red roses, pink and red dupattas, candles, hear romantic Bollywood tracks and get to know to-be couple is going to perform on Khuda Jaane, you can safely assume you have stepped into a romantic bride's wedding. Love is always in the air for her. She will never lose an opportunity to show her romantic side or make any moment a romantic one. 

From sarsoo ka khet to rains, she finds romance in everything. She, literally, wears her heart on her sleeve.

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#5 The filmy one

The moment her wedding is finalised, she instantly starts making a list of all those filmy wedding ideas and themes which left her mesmerised over the years. She even starts looking at the bridal outfits of all the Bollywood brides, like Shilpa Shetty, Kareena Kapoor, and so on, to have a dress just like them. Wedding songs from Karan Johar and Yash Raj movies will definitely be on her list. And, she will match the steps of all Bollywood divas at her sangeet. All in all, she would love to have a big fat Bollywood-style wedding.

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#6 The irritated bride

Just ask her a question or pass a comment related to her wedding or honeymoon, like kitne ka lehenga liya (how much did you get the outfit for?), isse accha makeup toh meri sister ki makeup artist nein kiya tha (my sister’s makeup artist did her better makeup at her wedding), kahan ghoomne ja rahe ho shaadi ke baad (where are you planning to go on your honeymoon?) or anything else, she will make all kind of weird faces.

Yes, just try asking her a question or giving a suggestion or making a comment, and get ready to be at the receiving end of weird faces and a few sarcastic answers. And, this one goes for everyone from friends and relatives to the groom.

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#7 The bindaas bride

For her, wedding is all about having fun and being carefree. Be it organising fun games, dress codes or any other thing, she would do it all. She will sincerely follow all the traditions, but will make sure to enjoy every custom, and add some fun to it.

She would laugh her heart out on the drop of the hat and will not stop from shaking her leg with her friends and relatives. She believes that marriage happens once in a lifetime, so it should be enjoyed to the fullest.

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#8 The unique bride

Her main priority will be to make her wedding an affair to remember, in true sense. She will come up with all sorts of unique ideas just to make her wedding hatke (different) from rest of the weddings. Something as unique as what Bollywood actress Gul Panag had, complete with cool glares, booze and a stunning ride.

Following the monotonous wedding routine is not just her style. An innovative and exceptional wedding is what she desires for.

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#9 Always excited

Since she was a little girl, she has dreamt about this day. Now, that this day has arrived she just cannot contain her excitement and her giggles. Everything about a wedding excites her, and since this is her wedding day, she just can’t stop that smile from exploding on her face.

She doesn’t like rona-dhona or tamasha or tension. She is just too excited about her wedding, and it shows.

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#10 Self-obsessed bride

She is what Kareena Kapoor called herself in Jab We Met, “apni favourite”. She just wants to make sure that the spotlight is on her; after all it is her big day.

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She won’t let anyone, not even her groom, to steal her thunder away on her wedding day. She would make sure that everything from her outfits and her jewellery to her makeup is the talking point of it all.

And, you thought all the Indian brides are just the same? So, what type of bride are you? Or which category does your would-be wife falls in? Do let us know by leaving your comments below.

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