Is Your Wife A Virgo? Here Are The 10 Traits That You Can Expect From Her


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Is Your Wife A Virgo? Here Are The 10 Traits That You Can Expect From Her

While you are busy looking at the sky, a Virgo woman will be coding and decoding the colours of it! Analytical and the lover of perfection, a Virgo woman will never let the tiny details slip from her sharp eyes.

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Ruled by Mercury, Virgo wives are one of a kind. They are fiercely loyal and strong. You are a lucky man, if your wife is a Virgo. Here are some of the many traits that a Virgo wife possesses.

#1. Everything will be carefully planned

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Virgos are extremely analytical and it’s evident in the way a Virgo wife plans her household. From the interior of the house to what everyone is going to eat, everything will be carefully mapped in advance. The home of a Virgo wife will never see chaos.

#2. The tidiest home

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Most of the Virgos have OCD. They want everything to be tidy and at their place. There will be no speck of dust, even in the tiniest of the holes. Even the vacuum cleaner will look cleaner than the homes of many, if it is maintained by a Virgo wife.

#3. No drama wife

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Virgo wives are strong and independent. They do not let themselves be guided by the fantasies. They fall on the practical side of the lot and will never blow anything out of proportion. They believe in talking things out rather than to sit in the corner and pout. Your Virgo wife will not keep you in the loop but will tell you what is wrong with a straight face.

#4. Best friend in a wife



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For Virgos, friendship is the best relationship in the world and this is who she will always be to you. In your Virgo wife, you will find the best friend who will listen to you without passing any judgement.

#5. Detail oriented bedroom action

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Virgos are detail oriented and this shows in the bedroom too. Your Virgo wife loves carefully planned foreplay. We don't mean to caution you but your Virgo wife will notice even the minute things that other zodiac signs might avoid.

#6. Money well managed

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Virgo women are good with money. Neither will a Virgo wife spend money on unnecessary things nor will she let you be a spendthrift. It would be better, if she is the one who prepares the budget as her analytical mind will help you to keep your money in your account.

#7. She will point your flaws

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Get ready for some sharp criticism as your Virgo wife is not the one who will avoid your blemishes. She will tell you what you are doing wrong, and she wouldn't mince her words. Try not to get offended because she is just trying to make you a better person.

#8. The head of the household

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Your Virgo wife will not be the passive partner. She will probably be the head of the household and trust us, it is better that way. She thinks about the welfare of everyone and can easily run the house on her own.

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#9. A perfect mother

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Your Virgo wife will make an amazing mother. She is a caregiver at heart but that will not keep her in setting rules for her kids. Children under the rule of a Virgo mother are well-mannered, disciplined and good at studies and extracurricular activities.

#10. Not very social

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Your Virgo wife will prefer to stay at home rather than to attend social events. She would often avoid meeting with the relatives unless it is absolutely necessary. Because of which, she might not become the favourite of your relatives.

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Independent and level headed, a Virgo wife is that woman who will always encourage you to be the better version of yourself. Quiet and classy, your Virgo wife is one of the most responsible women and we are sure that you will definitely learn something from her.

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