10 Things You Must Absolutely Avoid At A Destination Wedding


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10 Things You Must Absolutely Avoid At A Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have gradually seeped into the Indian culture, and are now held all over the country. Nowadays, most couples are opting to tie the knot at sunset or amidst the mighty mountains. A lot of you might be wondering what exactly goes into making destination weddings a success. Well, for starters you need a bride, a groom, and then, a wedding planner, some relatives, a lot of mischievous friends and most importantly, an incredible destination! Once all the above things are in place, you are set to have the time of your life. It is like a fully paid vacation for the few lucky people who make it to the guest list.

A destination wedding may sound like a perfect getaway from your monotonous life. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you reach the destination. Below is a list of ten obvious and not-so-obvious things you must absolutely avoid at a destination wedding.

#1. Do not, I repeat DO NOT overeat

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There is no doubt that the family have gone out of their way to make this wedding a super-success. This includes meals ranging from twenty-five to thirty-five courses. There will be chefs cooking food on the spot, multiple cuisines ranging from Indian, to Thai, to Italian to whatnot! As tempting as it may seem to your taste buds, stuffing yourself with every dish possible is a recipe for disaster. There is a high chance you may come down with diarrhoea or some other stomach infection, causing you to run to the bathroom every hour.

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#2. Avoid forgetting your daily medicine

If you are on any kind of medication, even if it is a temporary prescription, make sure you are carrying it with you all the time. The whole idea of a destination wedding is to get married in a magical, remote place, a place where it might be difficult to find a medical store for miles. So, if by chance you forget to stock up your meds, say good-bye to three days of absolute fun.

#3. Avoid packing unnecessary luggage

The minute people hear ‘destination wedding’, their first instinct is to pack every good piece of clothing they have in their wardrobe. From bedazzled kurtas to hot shorts, they will carry it all.

People, it is a three-day wedding, NOT a ten-day trip to Thailand! So, control your crazy urges, and spare the men from carrying ten kilos of luggage to your room.

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#4. Avoid partying the night before the wedding

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One of the main reasons friends are ready to put up with parents and relatives, is the parties that come after the ceremonies. Wedding is just an excuse for some guests. But, as much as fun it may seem to party the night before, attending a three-hour havan with a hangover is not something you would want to go through.

#5. Check the weather

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Before you get all excited about the destination, make sure you check the weather out there. You probably live in a city, and the temperature there will be quite different to that of the wedding destination. Ask your friends before you start packing. Take whatever is required to keep you comfortable there, because an uncomfortable climate might make you miss the out on the fun.

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#6. Avoid getting caught in the person’s room you met last night

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Yes, this will happen to some people. Knowingly, or unknowingly, drunken nights can lead to some highly awkward situations. Be sure to ask a friend to drop you safely to your room after a night of revelry. You do not want to get caught sneaking out of anyone else’s room in the early hours. Remember your friends might have passed out in the morning, but parents and relatives will all be wide awake.

#7. Avoid troubling the bride or the groom for your travel problems

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Usually, the bride and the groom make most of the travelling arrangements for their guests. But, in case you have missed the provided transport facility and have to get to the destination on your own, please avoid asking the soon-to-be-married couple for help. They have enough things on their minds already. So, make your own arrangements and be there in time for the ceremonies.

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#8. Avoid using the mini-bar in your room, it is never FREE

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Dear guests, at a destination wedding, the mini-bar in your room may seem complimentary, it seldom ever is. No matter how tempted you feel to open a bottle and gulp it down, make sure to check with someone beforehand. Save your friend some bucks, will you? They are already spending a bomb on their wedding.

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#9. Do not tell your boyfriend of two months that you too want to get married there

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A lot of couples who have recently started dating, get extremely excited to be at a destination wedding, especially girls. The second they lay eyes on the bride, be sure to notice the involuntary head tilt followed by the ever-popular ‘awwwwwwww’. As fascinating as this wedding may seem, it has taken a lot for the soon-to-be-married couple to decide to tie the knot. Do not share with your boyfriend the whole ‘I want to get married here’ sentiment. He might totally freak out.

#10. Avoid clicking pictures ALL THE TIME

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Yes, the mountains maybe beautiful, but it gets very annoying if all you do is click pictures all the time, and not interact with anybody, not even with the bride or groom. People definitely want to see pictures of the wedding, but they also want you to enjoy the wedding. So, do not turn into a fanatic photographer or selfie-monster.

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Keep yourself out of trouble at any destination wedding by following these rules. Make sure you DO NOT AVOID the spectacular ceremony of two people vowing to spend the rest of their lives together. A destination wedding is always something different, and hence you must celebrate it differently to have a total blast!



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