10 Stunning Stage Decor Ideas For Indian Weddings This Season


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10 Stunning Stage Decor Ideas For Indian Weddings This Season

One of the most important parts of any Indian wedding is the centre stage. This area gets maximum attention as the bride and the groom are confined to this space for most of the time. As a result, the centre stage is seen in most of the photographs of any wedding album. Hence, if you want to create a long-lasting impression about your wedding in the minds of your guests, then you must pay special attention to this area.

Here are some of the latest stage background décor trends, which you can consider for your wedding to make your photos stand out from the rest.

#1. Lights and flower

No wedding décor feels complete without a combination of light strings and fresh flowers. The synergy of these two elements makes a perfect background for the centre stage. Firstly, get the entire stage covered with soft-coloured curtains. And then, simply add a string of lights and some beautiful flowers to give an amazing festive look your stage.

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#2. Bright hangings and drapes

Another dreamy combination is that of bright hangings and curtains. A background of satin drapes along with strings of bright hangings or crystals makes a movie like romantic backdrop for the wedding day. The drapes can be of any colour while the shiny crystals just add more energy to the environment of celebrations.

Images Courtesy: Imperial Décor

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#3. Satin drapes

Image Courtesy: Imperial Décor

If you believe in the mantra- ‘less is more’, then this style is perfect for your wedding stage. A simple drape of satin curtain across the centre stage looks classy and elegant. You can either choose pearly white drapes or match them as per your décor theme. Whatever be your choice of colour, satin drapes add the perfect touch of panache to your wedding theme.

Image Courtesy: Mohaimen Kazi Photography

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#4. White and gold

Another simple yet elegant way to dress the background of a wedding stage is with white and gold drapes. This combination looks rich and classy, and goes well with the festive feeling.

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#5. Royal background

Nothing defines an Indian wedding better than the colour of gold. Create a classic centre stage backdrop with artificial pillars and arches of this royal colour. The set up will not only look great, but will also make your photos standout. The royal feeling enjoyed by you and your partner will of course, be an added advantage.

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#6. Red and gold

Red is the colour for love and gold is the colour for prosperity. Both the colours are of great importance in Indian culture for a happy marriage. Moreover, these colours make stunning backdrop for the centre stage. A drape in red and gold will give you a royal feel. You can always add flowers for a fancier look.

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#7. White and pink

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Let the eternal combination of pink and white spell out its magic on your wedding stage. Drapes of pink satin along with white create a soothing backdrop. You can also have curtains of just one of these colours, and to that, some interesting props, such as window panes, paisleys, etc., of the other colour. Add flowers to these drapes for an added dose of love, and you have the perfect wedding stage.

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Image Courtesy: Imperial Décor

#8. Pearly white

Image Courtesy: Imperial Décor

For a mystical and classy feel, one can go for an all-white backdrop. A completely white background with white pillars and flowers will give the entire space a sophisticated look. What’s more? It will make the colourful garments of the bride and groom stand out.

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#9. Pastel shades

For a more subtle centre stage setup, you can combine satin curtains of two different colours together with flowers. The colour combination of drapes makes an interesting background. And, the colourful flower bouquets add the prefect element of romance and liveliness to the entire décor.

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#10. Flowers and satin

For a more dramatic set up, one can opt for a combination of flowers and satin. Satin gives the entire stage a glamorous feel while fresh flowers add a romantic touch. The two can be put together in interesting designs to give the place a fairytale-like feel.

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Wedding is a day that comes in your life for once, but is remembered forever. So with these latest centre stage decor trends in your kitty, make sure you just add perfection to your dream wedding.

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