10 Signs You Are Suffering From The Wedding Season Hangover


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10 Signs You Are Suffering From The Wedding Season Hangover

Indian weddings are no less than a grand festival, where we find a beautiful blend of happiness and celebration. That is why, as soon as the wedding season arrives, all of us get really excited to be a part of at least a few of them. And, once the wedding season is over, we take back with us a lot of beautiful memories. But, some people have a lot more than just those ‘memories’, to take along with themselves from these weddings. For them, the party does not really stop even after the wedding is over.

Wondering what we are talking about? Well, then take a look at these signs that would tell you if a person is suffering from the wedding season hangover, and find out if you are also one of them.

#1. You cannot stop yourself from flaunting your killer moves every time you hear Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan or London Thumakda... even if it is in your office

Why not? After all, I worked so hard to learn all those steps!

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#2. You have had so much of sweets that you cannot even look at them for a while now

Jalebi, gulabjamun, rasgulla! I don’t know who you all are.

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#3. You are broke, all thanks to the expensive shopping

I decided not to spend more than my budget. But then, that shop had so many things just for me.

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#4. Your Facebook profile has a new picture from the wedding everyday

I looked so awesome in the wedding, and the world must know that!

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#5. Every time you meet someone, all you talk about is- The Wedding!

You don’t want to hear what I am telling you? Who cares! I will still tell you all about it.

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#6. You just cannot stop tapping your feet every time you hear the dhol beats

I will dance like this only, main taan aidaan hi nachna!

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#7. You urgently need to get back to your gym routine as you do not fit in your pants anymore

I hate that auntyji for stuffing me with chaats, moong dal ka halwa, and what not!

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#8. You have vowed not to pose for the photographs anymore

That’s right. Why would I do something as boring as that when I have the option of having fun with the selfies!

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#9. Your back still hurts because you had to bend down so many times to take aashirwaad

Believe me, even my jaw still hurts because of those long hours of fake smiling.

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#10. You have sworn to wear only jeans and casual tees for the next few weeks

Of course, I know nobody wears such heavy lehengas or anarkalis on regular days. But, I need a break even from a cotton dupatta for some time.

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So, how many of these signs were you able to relate to? And, if you think that we missed out on a few of the signs, then do share them with us in the comments box below.



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