10 Must-Have Mouth-Watering Street Foods In Your Wedding Menu


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10 Must-Have Mouth-Watering Street Foods In Your Wedding Menu

Latest food trends with international dimensions and unique exhibits are sizzling up the wedding venues these days. Well, the new food format and exotic world cuisines are fine, but there is something that our Indian palates have been missing; the desi lip-smacking food from the galis (streets) of India.

The new and innovative menus hardly match upto the happiness of the traditional roadside food we all have grown up relishing. So, this season forget the expectations and get back to the conventional choices with these eclectic varieties of guest-pleasers.

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#1. Kachori sabzi

The array of choices for your guests might be staggering, but a plate full of kachori sabzi is a top-notch choice and seems heavenly to all the food lovers. Khasta kachoris with aloo sabzi is all the rage and your people just can’t ignore to have their mouths full with this enjoyable and spicy treat.

#2. Aaloo ki tikka

Aromatic tawa-fried aaloo tikki stall is a perfect choice to display the roadside heritage with aplomb. Also, you can always play safe and woo your guests with this miraculous dish. In short, the wedding is incomplete without this staple. Small mashed potato tikkis offer great delight to the foodies especially veggies.

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#3. Dahi bhalle

A spoonful of creamy yoghurt-rich bhallas are just bound to increase your guests’ appetite. This rustic and cool street food is also a great way to inject some vintage and old memories into your wedding menu. Light on stomach and tasty to the palates; this mouth-watering dish so beautifully sings of the flavours of India.

#4. Jalebis

Piping hot jalebis are one of the tastiest and juiciest treat to be served at your event. These are hot on menu since ages and you just can’t go wrong with this ever-popular sweet dish. The smell itself will keep them on their toes. So, let your friends and family ask for more while you add this ‘wow’ factor to your gala.

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#5. Vada paav

This roadside delight of Mumbai will be a perfect addition to your wedding buffet. The aloo tikki stuffed vada paav has become one of the greatest flavours of the wedding this season. The scrumptious foodstuff will give your guests hunger pangs as soon as they enter the venue.

#6. Dilli ki chaat

No matter how busy your guests are; but they can always queue up for hours for their share of chaat ki plate. Dilli ki chaat is world famous as it appeals to the palate like no other food. So, get this peppery and out-of-the-box stuff added to your menu and it is sure to please plenty of palates at your ‘do’.

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#7. Halwa

People do love innovations, but the old ‘hot halwa’ has always given them a kick. You can find every other guest at your wedding huddling up to this super-yummy food. After all, who on earth can hold on to their taste buds when there is an option as luscious as halwa. For a winter wedding; it would be like a match made in heaven. Isn’t it?

#8. Paani puri

Come paani puri and people just seem to forget everything about the hygiene and eating stigma associated with the street food. No doubt, these little bundles of joy add a lot of fun and spiciness to an Indian wedding. After all, who can resist the spicy and tangy golgappas. Call it the bombs or the king of street food; this is the meal your guests will gush over for ages.

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#9. Jhal muri 

There is something that makes this fluffy food an all-time beloved for foodies. A plate of jhal muri (made of puffed rice with added spices and namkeen) from the streets of Kolkata will surely heighten your closed ones’ food experience. Add a unique twist to your Big-day with this dramatic, simple and chatpata food item.

#10. Litti chokha

Quite a unique and most talked about roadside food of Bihar is now giving an authentic experience to the guests at the wedding. In fact, this love of Bihar has now started appearing everywhere. Most of the weddings today are serving this humble and tasty dish with a makeover. You too can let your guests have a lesson of Bihar’s food heritage with the brownish balls stuffed with satto masala (bhuna chana aatta).

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So, if you were thinking that Thai, Lebanese and Italian food were the only guaranteed delights at your extravaganza; it’s time to revise your menu and let your guests be in for a grand surprise. Gear up to offer the best to your visitors with local and ethnic food items. These roadside Indian flavours will actually up your food ante and take your wedding world by storm.