10 Changes Every Indian Girl Experiences In Her Life After She Gets Married


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10 Changes Every Indian Girl Experiences In Her Life After She Gets Married

Marriage marks the union of two souls, who are ‘truly, madly and deeply’ in love with each other. And, with marriage, there comes a huge change in the lives of those two people. After all, now they have to stay together forever! And, since a woman has to leave her house to stay with her husband and his family, the change that she sees after marriage is comparatively bigger than what a man experiences.

Well ladies, if you ever wondered what your life would be like after you get married, then let us give you an idea of the same. Here are the changes that every Indian girl experiences after she gets married.

#1. You suddenly become more responsible  

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Before marriage, you were hardly accountable for anything in life. While the house was taken care of by your mother, the finances were handled by your father. But after marriage, you start taking care of everyone's needs, be it your husband's or your family members'. Interestingly, it does not even look like a burden to you. In fact, you love doing all this!

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#2. You change from ‘I’ to ‘we’

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Your life was earlier all about just 'you', and you had the liberty to take your decisions on your own. And, now that you have to share your entire life with someone else, all your decisions are going to affect his life as well. Hence, whatever you do in life, it becomes about the two of you, and not just you alone.

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#3. You become more patient

After all, you will not have the option of breaking up over a petty issue once you get married. And, patience is the key to a successful marriage, right? That is what brings more maturity in your approach of dealing with the problems in life.

#4. Your priorities also change

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You always loved hanging out with friends, did not mind staying at office till late sometimes to finish an urgent work, and what not! In fact, your friends, your career, and everything related to 'you' was your priority. Needless to say, your husband and your family gets added to your priority list now. You might prefer dining out with your husband and in-laws, rather than hanging out with your besties. It is your family, household chores, family expenses, etc., that are continuously in your mind now.

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#5. You now think before you speak

Yes, it used to be perfectly fine even if you said something out of anger to your siblings or parents, as they always knew that you never meant it. But, after marriage, you become cautious of what you say. Obviously, you are new to this family, and anything wrong said by you might hurt them.

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#6. You become a better communicator

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You might have been quite expressive even before your marriage, but the way you expressed your feelings then may have been different. Now that you watch your words before speaking, the way you communicate also improves. You not only learn to convey your feelings in a calmer manner, but you also excel in the art of listening.

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#7. You say goodbye to those carefree days

You loved those late night sessions with your besties, didn't you? Or, you never had to think twice before packing your bag for a random plan of an outing. But, now all the crazy things that you used to do with your friends now become a history.

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#8. You feel more secure

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There might have been times before marriage, when you felt all alone. Well, it is time to say goodbye to those lonely days as well. After all, now you have someone who will always be with you in good as well as bad times. You can talk to him whenever you want, rely on him for all your big or small needs, seek his advice when you are totally confused, and what not! And, who would not feel comfortable to have this level of security in life?

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#9. Your dreams become ‘our’ dreams

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No, marriage does not mean that all your dreams and ambitions have to come to an end. Rather, all of your wishes just combined with that of his. What’s more? Now there are the two of you who will work to achieve them all!

#10. You get special attention when you visit your parents

Well, you were always the little princess for your parents. But, the level of attention and pampering that you will get every time you will visit your home after marriage will be much more than what it used to be earlier. And, you are totally going to love all that, aren't you?

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So girls, don’t you think life is going to be so beautiful after marriage? And, even if a few of these changes scared you right now, all we have to say is just do not panic! These will soon become a part of your life and you will totally love your new role in life.

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