10 Brilliant Ways To Add An Indian Touch To Your Home Decor


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10 Brilliant Ways To Add An Indian Touch To Your Home Decor

Decorating your new home with your partner probably would be one of the most awaited things for you as a newly-married couple. Planning and shopping for the home décor items give you a chance to spend quality time together, while planning for a happy future. Although daunting at first, this activity can become a lot more fun if your home décor ideas too are fun.

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While starting a brand new life together, you might want to step aside from the ordinary and stand out. In this case, fusing Indian elements into your home décor is a perfect choice. India is rich and diverse in its culture and traditions, and making your living space look beautiful with Indian elements is not as difficult as it might sound. Here are the 10 ideas to add the 'classic Indian touch' to a modern home decor.

#1. Upholstery

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You can buy your upholstery keeping in mind textures and colour schemes that you wish to have for your space. Go for Indian prints and patterns, or embroideries on fabrics. Paisleys (ambi) or warli print are the perfect examples of typical Indian prints. This is a great way to give a fusion look, if you are looking at placing straight line sofa sets.

#2. Rugs and cushions

Image Courtesy: Aalayam Inspiration

Indian rugs and cushion covers are great pieces of art that are appreciated all over the world. If one decides to go simple and contemporary with the furniture, traditional rugs and cushions can help add a stunning Indian touch to it. Again, upholstery plays an important role here.

#3. Curtains

colourful curtains for home decor

Although blinds are in, curtains add more warmth to a home. One can have pretty curtains in silk, velvet, or georgette. Combining Indian prints with plain curtains enriches the entire experience. If you do choose blinds, go for Indian patterns on the fabric. Combinations of curtains and blinds can be quite trendy as well.

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#4. Paintings and sculptures

Image Courtesy: Jiaur Rahman (left), Exotic India Art (right)

Another wonderful way to add the Indian connect to your décor is by having traditional paintings in your contemporary home. You can even have one bold statement artefact in your living room, like a sculpture, or a showpiece. Say, a painting of a woman in red looking through her dark charcoal eyes holding her dupatta, or a man with a hukkah wearing a turban can be great choices. You can even include an old piece from your grandparents collection to give a vintage touch.

#5. Accessories

Things like earthen pots, hookahs, carved or hand-painted vases, carved wooden panels, idols of Indian deities, silverware, etc., are some of the best ideas to infuse Indian elements in your modern home.

#6. Furniture

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Instead of adding some element, if you decide to keep all the furniture Indian, it would be a nice theme. For example, have a Rajasthani cabinet placed in your dining room or by the bedside, or have a carved stool near your contemporary sofa set. You can have a traditional Gujarati jhula in your western living room if the space is large enough.

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#7. Lighting

Image Courtesy: Artsy Craftsy Mom (left), Travel Street (top right), Install Home (bottom right)

Adding lamps is a wonderful way not only to beautifully light up the area, but also to add a certain look to the space. Chandeliers, and Indian prints on lampshades can be a great choice. It is an amazing idea to plan the lighting in your house based on inspiration from some old house you liked; may be an old haveli or your grandparents' house.

#8. Antiques

Image Courtesy: Xupes (top left), Shopping Rediff (bottom left), Snapdeal (right)

Antique statues, antique doors and window panels, and similar things not only give a solid peep into history, but also look extremely rich and elegant, especially when blended in with contemporary architecture.

#9. Wall art

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If you are willing to go all adventurous, try redoing your walls with murals, wallpaper, stickers, carved jharokas, etc. Even paint is yet another efficient way to add an Indian element to your space.

#10. False ceiling

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This is a great segment in design to dwell upon, but will need professional help. With your entire modern interior set up, you can go bold and ask your interior designer to pop in an ethnic wall and ceiling design. This can be done with carvings or paintings.

These are just a few ways though. The choices and options are endless, especially since India is so full of stunning diversities when it comes to art and culture. All you need is to know what you really are looking for.

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