10 Awesome Types Of Girlfriends Every Soon-To-Be Bride Needs With Her During Her Wedding


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10 Awesome Types Of Girlfriends Every Soon-To-Be Bride Needs With Her During Her Wedding

When the world comes crashing down, all you need is your friends, who can help you to brave the storm and help you laugh your way through it. Isn’t it true for us all? But wait, who says we need them only during a crisis? We need our best buddies with us all the time! And, this is incredibly true if you are a bride-to-be, who has a zillion things running through her head.

So ladies, let us tell you a bit more in detail about the types of girlfriends you would need the most during your wedding.

#1. Miss childhood buddy

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There is no one who knows you as much as your kindergarten buddy does. Both of you have grown up together, and have the craziest of memories from childhood you can tease each other about without a pinch of embarrassment! So, having her around you during your wedding days will ensure that somebody is there to understand you completely. Whether you have a mood swing, feel tensed about anything, or need anything at any time of the day, this friend of yours will definitely know how to make things just perfect for you.

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#2. Miss DIY

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She is the craft master! This friend of yours always has a million DIY ideas spinning in her head at all times. Now, if you are planning to add a personal touch to your wedding and other ceremonies through various customised things, she is your jackpot.

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#3. Miss pseudo-wedding planner

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You have a hired a wedding planner, but fear that you might get rigged? Well, look out for a friend who has good knowledge of wedding and event planning. She will toss your worries away and settle scores with your official wedding planner, and will help you save a lot of your hard-earned money. So, trust in her intuitive abilities and let her take charge.

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#4. Miss choreographer

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You bet you want to have her around to help you rock your dance routine on your sangeet night. She will make sure that even a non-dancer in your family is able to give a tough competition to the best dancer on the groom’s side on the sangeet night!

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#5. Miss shopaholic

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She knows every nook and cranny of the city (and even outside), and can easily get you the best deals for your wedding dress, jewellery or anything else. So, tell her about your likes and dislikes, and make a to-do list with her. Once you are done with that, she will take charge of the situation, plan your shopping itinerary and before you know it, your job would be done!

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#6. Miss stress-buster

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Your wedding day is approaching fast and you are getting sleepless nights out of nervousness. While there are a lot of things to be taken care of, your mind is thinking at this moment if you have taken the right decision! Well, all this and much more could be driving you nuts, but fortunately you have this friend, who will nurse you just right and will steal away all your worries. Call her and plan your coffee date because she is the one you need, right NOW!

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#7. Miss comedian

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Believe us when we say that the celeb comedians are not the only ones who can make you laugh. There is a comedian friend of yours, who needs recognition immediately! She is the one who cracks up in the most awkward situations without fearing that she is going to be laughed at. And, she can leave you in splits in no time. Well, isn’t that a friend you need during one of the most stressful times of your life?

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#8. Miss 'manage'

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Well, do not get confused! This friend of yours is not actually bad at managing things. Rather, she is exactly opposite of that, who can manage anything and everything in this world through her special skills. So, if you realise after reaching the wedding venue that you have forgot something really important, do not worry till the time you have this girlfriend. She will surely be the one to save you from each and every crisis.

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#9. Miss fitness freak

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Lover her or hate her! She will always keep your cravings under check, and will ensure that your fitness motivation meter is always high. After all, being the bride, you need to pay extra attention to your health.

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#10. Miss ‘been there done that’

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It has been quite some time she got married, and knows what all you will go through as you would enter a new phase of your life. So, get a realistic picture of what life would be like just after wedding from her experiences.

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So ladies, we hope now you know which friend of yours has what role to play in your wedding. Just make sure that you share this article with them so that they are also aware of their responsibilities well in advance.

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