10 Amazing Ways Monograms Can Make An Indian Wedding Truly Memorable


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10 Amazing Ways Monograms Can Make An Indian Wedding Truly Memorable

Couples are always trying to come up with new ideas to make their wedding memorable. Including monograms in your wedding decor, has become the latest trend.

A monogram is mainly the initials of the couple's name. But, you can also use your full names, and add your wedding date as well. You can weave these in symbols, flowers or any other beautiful design to make your monograms fancy. You can even embellish them with crystals and colourful hues. So, here we bring to you the most amazing ways to use monograms in your wedding gala.

#1. Postage stamps

 Image Courtesy: Zazzle.com

You can get your own monogram stamps printed, which can be pasted on your wedding invites or even box of sweetmeats that go with the cards. This would be a very cute way to declare your love for each other to your wedding guests.

#2. Wedding invites

Image Coutesy: Disha Mehta Design

In case you want to make your wedding announcement even bolder, then let your wedding card do the talking. Smita Gupta, wedding planner at Wedlock Services, suggests, “Get them printed in bold right on the crest, in a heart or a floral wreath, to give it that extra romantic feel. Get the same monogram printed on the envelope seal as well.” You can use the monogram on your save the date cards also.

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#3. Wedding decor

Image Courtesy: Braja Mandala Wedding Photography 

Mayank Sharma, of Bullz I Entertainment Company, gives some super hit ideas to use monograms to glam up your wedding. He says, “You can place monograms in strategic places in the mandap. The venue can be lit up with LED lights bearing your initials. Even the dance floor and some walls can be lit with the laser lights.” Other wedding gear where you can use your monogram could be the dinner napkins, cutlery and crockery, and even bottle labels, if you plan to make your wedding really extravagant. Large cut-outs of your monogram can also be added to the décor of your venue.  

Image Courtesy: Light In The Box (left); Maid Of Clay (right)

Image Courtesy: Chana Blumes Photography

Image Courtesy: Divani Films

#4. Mehendi

Image Courtesy: Amour Affairs

Ask your mehendi artist to put in a little monogram hidden deep within the design. Give a little twist to the age-old ritual. Instead of asking your sweetheart to look for his name in your mehendi, now ask him to spot the monogram of your initials and see him go all out to impress you. The groom can also get a little mehendi monogram done on his hand, to display his love for his bride.

#5. Wedding rings

Image Courtesy: Inderjeet Gill Photography

One of the traditional wedding rituals demands that the groom give away rings or kalichadis to his saalis. It would be a great idea to give rings with your monograms engraved to your beloved saalis, so that they can remember the grand affair forever. On second thoughts, why not exchange engraved wedding bands as well in your engagement ceremony?

#6. Hotel rooms

Image Courtesy: Designdumonde; White Towels

Mayank says that this could really work to make your wedding an affair to remember, especially if you are planning to have a destination wedding. “The hotel bath and bed linen can be inscribed with your monograms making you feel very special while the guests savour the hospitality. It is a great start to your wedding celebrations.” Another interesting idea that you can copy is to get personalised hangers made.

Image Courtesy: Dkreate Photography

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#7. Wedding cake topper

If you are getting a cake for your wedding, you can use your monogram as the perfect cake topper on it. Arpita Khan’s much talked-about wedding, also saw all the celebrations come to a close, with the celebrity chef, Pooja Dhingra, designing the cake. The cake was topped by gold foil inscribed with the monogram - AA (Arpita-Aayush).

Image Courtesy: Amour Affairs; Serena Soosay

#8. Dessert toppings

Image Courtesy: Cococasa cupcakes & chocolatesChana Blumes

Just when the guests are about to wrap up their scrumptious meal at your wedding, they get treated to another monogram delight. Vishakha Verma, who recently had a lavish wedding says, “I found the ideas so unique. The dessert table laden with puddings, bearing our monogram, made our coming together even sweeter.”

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#9. Wedding favours

Image Courtesy: Shine Wedding Invitations

After the wedding, your monogram can be adapted for other uses as well. Smita gives away some ideas. “You can get it printed on wedding favour wrapping paper, personal stationery and even bags in which you plan to gift your guests their wedding presents,” she says.

Images Courtesy: My Wedding Favours

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#10. On your wedding car

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Project

The decorations on the wedding car are becoming more and more elaborate. Get a floral monogram done on the car and see your guests' eyes light up. Just when the bride is ready for her vidaai, such a personalised wedding car will surely be a pleasant surprise, enough to bring a smile on those lips, right?

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So, here is the perfect checklist of how you can incorporate monograms in your wedding. With the monogram trend catching on, use these tips to dazzle your guests. The romance in the air will give your guests some beautiful moments that they will always cherish.

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