Why You Should Choose A Unique Date For Your Wedding


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Why You Should Choose A Unique Date For Your Wedding

Are you looking for a way to make your memorable day even more unforgettable? Then choose a unique and iconic date to get married. What is an iconic date, you might wonder? An iconic date is a patterned or sequential date like 11/11/11, 12/12/12 and so on. Internationally these dates are based on the idea of sequential numbers of a particular month, date and year. This year too had an iconic date, which just went by- November 12, 2013, 11/12/13 (mm/dd/yy). A lot of couples in the country and around the world tied the knot on this day. The last iconic date of this century will take place on 13/12/14, December 13, 2014 (dd/mm/yy).

Well, if you missed out on the date that just went by and don’t want to wait long for the one next year, here is a solution for you. How about getting married on 11/12/13 (dd/mm/yy)? No time machines required, just go for December 11, 2013. Sounds unique right? If you are still not convinced, read on to know what makes these sequential numbers so desirable.

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A memorable moment

The couples set their hearts on a rare date to make the occasion more distinguished with something which comes but once in a hundred years. So, the choice of date is no surprise for the couples who wish to get hitched romantically and have a flair for something extraordinary. Such a date is quite appealing for all soon-to-be wedded couple as it would be remembered for the rest of their lives. This simple yet symbolic date will surely make their special day even more striking and unforgettable.

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Numerically appealing

For the duo who loves numbers it is simply the configuration of the date that matters. What can be a better way to celebrate your union than with a flashy number? Even if there is no ‘muhurat’ on that day, they choose it as a fun wedding theme. Most of the brides and grooms are engulfed by the romantic element of the numerical sequence. They feel on top of the world with an attractive number. It’s just a cool date and it’s exciting to see the way it will appear on the marriage card.

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Good for those with bad memory

Most men don’t have an excellent memory when it comes to remembering their anniversary date. So what better way to enclose it into the brain with a ‘cool’ number? Ladies, a numerically interesting date would ensure that your forgetful sweetheart has no excuses to forget your wedding date ever. And, guys with an exclusive and distinctive date you can easily stay out of trouble of forgetting your anniversary.

Laden with luck

Lot of couples believe to cash in on that luck and fortune with the significant numbers in the date. Those tying the knot on such a day strongly feel that they will have a stable married life ahead of them. The configuration of numbers are thought to be celestially lucky for them and that it holds a good sign not only for the wedding day but for the future as well. For brides and grooms who wish to start their relationship with some extra luck, excitement and blessings, what better than a rare sequence or an iconic pattern?

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Go with the flow

For many, the numbers hardly have any symbolism or significance. It is just out of curiosity and popularity of the date that couples cherry-pick it as their D-day. Many soon-to-be wedded couples find it cute and happening to have a number scheme on the wedding cards. They queue up to block the date just because it is in demand and has an ‘oh-so-desired’ ring to it.

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So, are you ready to create some buzz around your wedding by choosing an iconic date? Well, whether you are going with the flow or are in love with numbers, whatever date you choose will be memorable and iconic as long as you are standing by the side of the right person. An arithmetically pleasing number may not be as important as your chemistry with each other. But, it certainly has an extraordinary ring to it, what do you say?

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