5 Hot Trends That Are Taking The Concept Of Wedding Videos By Storm This Year


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5 Hot Trends That Are Taking The Concept Of Wedding Videos By Storm This Year

Gone are the days when wedding videos started with the couple’s predictable, non-candid and specific pose pictures and moved on to showing a 3-hour long event. And the entire video covered everything from couple reaching the venue till vidaai, with songs like baharon phool barsao and raja ki aayegi baraat in the background.

Today, the Indian wedding industry is one of the largest and most evolving ones and so, all trends related to it are at their creative best. People are more than ready to spend large sums of money on their weddings, which is why we see new and revolutionary things in the wedding industry every day. And talking about revolutions, we thought of sharing with you some of the latest trends in the wedding video world with a surprise for you in the end.

#1. Wedding trailers or highlights

Image/Preach Art

Image Courtesy: Preach Art

For those who don’t have the time to watch the entire wedding events, and are happy with just the main highlights, wedding videographers are now excelling in making wedding trailers that consist of beautifully shot highlights of the wedding. This may include the couple’s entry, sneak peeks of their performances, candid moments with their family and friends, and the precious sentimental moments of the pheras. These short 10-20 minute videos make your wedding look like a movie trailer.

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#2. High definition world

It is 2016 and it ought to be freaking awesome, right? This is the new world of high definition where everything is crystal clear and larger than life. In fact, to view an HD video, you need to have a device that supports HD viewing which is why; high definition videos are very expensive too. But, the end result is more than worth every penny you spend.

#3. Unconventional settings

Image/Sasural Simar Ka
Image Courtesy: Sasural Simar Ka

So earlier, wedding videos consisted of visuals from the wedding. But now, they are very different. Instead of having wedding visuals only, they have only the highlights from the wedding and focus more on the pre-wedding stories.

For example, the videographers choose exotic and surreal locations, set up a script for the couple to follow and get them dressed to look like celebrities to star in these videos. This gives each couple a fairytale moment of their own.

#4. Musicals


Image Courtesy: ColorsTV

Not only our Bollywood composers and music makers, but also newcomers who are not related to the industry are also coming up with such amazing compositions nowadays that you cannot help, but sway to their tunes every time you hear them. Videographers find such talented composers and make them set a story and composition for the couple and set beautiful dance routines around it. And the best part about these videos is that the couples lip sync the songs, making it look like they are singing the songs themselves.

Something new, something fresh and never thought of before in the world of weddings!

#5. The premium cinematic wedding experience

Image/Band Baaja Cinema

This is yet another trend in wedding videos which is all set to rock the industry. The concept, Band Baaja Cinema, has been introduced by a company named Jive Media Works. It offers a premium cinematic wedding experience by showing your wedding film in a movie theatre of your choice, with the theatre being solely booked for your family and friends.

Image/Band Baaja Cinema

It offers their clients a larger than life cinematic experience by showcasing their wedding film on the big screen, along with pictures and videos of their relationship journey. In addition, the best part of this company is that they are associated with a large number of cinemas/multiplexes around the country and overseas.

Image/Band Baaja Cinema

They have collaborated with a lot of cinematographers and videographers, so you can find the best one for your video shoot. So, you can hire any of the theatres near you easily, and live your dream of being movie stars. Also, you can view your wedding film in 3D (for film shot/processed in cinematic 3D) for best immersive experience, so it feels you are actually attending your own wedding.

Image/Band Baaja Cinema

Also, you don’t need to wait for months for the screening to happen as their services are super-quick and the wedding film can be screened within 36 hours of receiving or creating the final wedding video. Here, check out their page [Click HERE] to see what more do they offer.

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