Vivek Oberoi On Not Raising His Kids With Privilege, Takes A Dig At Other Kids' Entitled Attitude

In a recent interview, Vivek Oberoi opened up about his parenting style and revealed that he doesn't want to bring up his kids with privilege.


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Vivek Oberoi On Not Raising His Kids With Privilege, Takes A Dig At Other Kids' Entitled Attitude

Vivek Oberoi is one of the most famous actors of his generation. The actor, who recently completed 20 years in Bollywood, was last seen in Rohit Shetty’s web series, Indian Police Force, co-starring Sidharth Malhotra and Shilpa Shetty. On the personal front, Vivek is married to his wife, Priyanka Alva Oberoi, and they are parents to two kids, Vivaan Veer and Ameya Nirvana. 

Vivek Oberoi wants to bring up his children without any privilege

In an interview with B4U Entertainment, Vivek Oberoi opened up about his parenting style. The Saathiya actor shared how he wants to bring up his children without any privilege as he doesn't want them to feel entitled. Revealing the reason behind the same, Vivek shared that he has seen many star kids growing up entitled in the film industry and added:

“We don’t want to bring them (their kids) up with privilege. We don’t want to make the mistake of making our kids entitled. I have seen a lot of my friends while growing up in the industry, growing up entitled. That whole attitude, which I’m so sorry to say, but it’s so prevalent in my friends in Delhi."

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Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi wants his kids to have their own identity

Speaking along the same lines, Vivek Oberoi opened up about how his kids are not aware that he is famous and instead have a sense of their own identity. The actor further mentioned that he wants his kids to know the value of who they are as individuals, their values, their friends, their relationships, and what they contribute to society. In his words:

"Your sense of identity should come from who you are, your values, your friends, your relationships, and what you contribute to society. It shouldn’t come to the fact that ‘you don’t know who my dad is.’ That shouldn’t be. That’s not the way I want to bring up our children.”

Vivek Oberoi family

Vivek Oberoi recalls how his son found out that his father is famous

Vivek further revealed that his son recently found out that his father is famous. It so happened that when the father-son duo went to watch a game in Ahmedabad, fans started chanting the actor’s name. Vivek said that his son was taken aback and, later, told his mom how people were running after their car. The actor added:

“He (His son) was with me to watch the cricket finals, and we were driving through the streets of Ahmedabad, and we started getting the fans on the roads, on the streets, people knocking on the windows, and so much love. And he was kind of taken aback. Actually, he didn’t tell me anything. He went back and told his mom, ‘Dad is famous, really famous. He’s kind of very popular, with people chasing him and chanting his name.'”

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Vivek Oberoi on his relationship with his wife, Priyanka Alva Oberoi

Earlier, in an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Vivek Oberoi talked about his relationship with his wife, Priyanka Alva Oberoi and recalled their first meeting. He shared that when the latter asked him to tell her something about himself, he told her that he was an actor. But she was quick to respond that there was so much more to him, and she wanted to know all about it. Talking about the same, he said:

"When I first met Priyanka, I remember something that made me fall in love with this thought when she asked me ‘tell me about yourself’. I said ‘everything is out there online but let me start by saying I’m an actor’, she said one thing to me ‘that’s what you just do, not who you are, I want to know who you are’ and that’s when I realised there is so much more to me.”

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