Vinod Mehra Took His Alleged Wife, Rekha To His Home And His Mom Almost Beat Her Up With A Sandal

According to reports, Vinod Mehra and Rekha had gotten married secretly, and when Vinod had taken Rekha to his home, it was his mother, who had nearly beaten the actress reportedly. Find out!


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Vinod Mehra Took His Alleged Wife, Rekha To His Home And His Mom Almost Beat Her Up With A Sandal

A child artist, who had started his journey with the movie, Raagni as a younger version of Kishore Kumar had gone on to give Indian cinema some of its all-time favourite classics like Amar Prem, Anurag, and many more. The iconic actor, Vinod Mehra, who had gone way too soon, is still one of the most loved and famous actors of all-time. Vinod had a beautiful face and a handsome personality, and it was hard for his co-stars not to fall in love with his charisma. Sadly, some pretty faces do not get it easy, and the same was the case with this actor, whose personal life was not as marvellous as his career graph.

The man who was taken away from the world a lot sooner had seen a lot of ups and downs before he passed away at the age of 45. But it was his alleged marriage with legendary actress, Rekha that still raises a lot of eyebrows. One of the most controversial parts of their love story is when Vinod had taken his rumoured wife, Rekha to meet his mother, who had nearly beaten the actress with a sandal to tie the marital knot with her son.

Vinod Mehra Wife Rekha

According to a report in The Times Of India, Vinod Mehra had allegedly gotten married to Rekha in a secret wedding after which he had taken his alleged wife to his home to inform her mother about their marriage. Sadly, none of them was aware of the storm waiting for the alleged newly-wedded-couple, as Vinod's mother had gotten shocked and was furious realising that Rekha is her daughter-in-law. The actor's mother had started abusing and humiliating Rekha for tying the knot with her son, despite Vinod's multiple tries and requests, her mother hadn't let Rekha get inside her home and told her to go away right now.

The situation was a heartbreaking one for Rekha, but she was still there on her alleged husband, Vinod's requests that he'll calm his mother soon. But his mom was way too agitated and had reportedly had taken her sandals in her hands to beat Rekha, which was enough to break the actress' soul into pieces, who had run towards the lift in tears to leave Vinod's house and his life.

Vinod Mehra Wife Rekha

However, after the incident, Vinod Mehra and Rekha had managed to keep a beautiful bond with no hard feelings for one another and had decided to move-on in their respective lives. After his break-up with Rekha, Mehra had fallen in love with Kiran, who was the daughter of a wealthy businessman from Kenya. The two had gotten married in 1988 and Kiran had moved to India to live with him.

Soon, the couple had welcomed their first child, a baby boy, whom they had lovingly named Rohan and at that time, Rekha was the celebrity from Indian cinema, who had congratulated the couple for entering into parenthood. The gesture had melted Vinod and Kiran's hearts and had garnered huge praises for the actress for her kind and gentle gesture.

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In the year 1973, in an interview, Rekha had talked about Vinod Mehra's mother and had stated that her mother wasn't a big fan of her ideologies and had always thought that she's a badnaam actress. Rekha had stated,

"To her (Vinod's mother) I am not just an actress, but I am a badnaam actress with a rotten past and a reputation for being a sex-maniac." The actress had also added that because of Vinod, his mother had tolerated her for some time in the beginning, but later, she had gotten completely furious at her. She had said, "For Vinod's sake, she tolerated me in the beginning. Now she won't tolerate me at all."

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