Vijay Deverakonda's Balance Between Maintaining Hardcore Fitness And Devouring Delicious Food

Stay fit and eating healthy is only commitment this superstar swears by for himself. Rising heartbeats of millions of fans, check out Vijay Deverakonda's simple and honest fitness regime.


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Vijay Deverakonda's Balance Between Maintaining Hardcore Fitness And Devouring Delicious Food

Basking the glory of immense success and unconditional love from fans worldwide is the hunk, Vijay Deverakonda. Acing all his roles and slaying in all his looks, he is the heartthrob of millions of audiences. His path-breaking performance in Arjun Reddy, and now his recent entry into Bollywood with his film Liger, has made him a celebrated pan-Indian star within a short while.

While his handsome look easily steals the show, his equally stunning physique that grabs eyeballs in no time. What’s more interesting is the ease with which the actor seems to carry out each of his looks, making him look a perfect gentleman effortlessly. Satiating unending curiosities about the secret behind this attractive physique, we take a look at this phenomenal actor's fitness regime and his love for food, which keeps his heart and mind at peace.

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#1. Keep it simple


Vijay considers fitness a regular part of his daily life, so he does not overthink achieving perfection while working out. Instead, he keeps his regime simple and easy to follow so that he can accommodate it easily within any of his hectic schedules.

#2. Athletic disposition

vijay sports

Regarding fitness, Vijay prefers to skip the gym often and instead engage in sports, which keeps him entertained while keeping fit. He loves outdoor sports and is often spotted playing football, volleyball, badminton, and cricket.

#3. Muscle building

Vijay abs

To suit the needs of a particular role where he needs to boost his muscles, Vijay takes the help of weight lifting, which not only engages his core to strength but also makes him enhance those fantastic biceps.

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#4. Balanced healthy eating

Healthy food

The primary aspect of fitness stems from healthy eating habits, and Vijay also abides by it. He incorporates a lot of fresh vegetables into his food intake, providing the body with essential nutrients. He recommends that when added to your diet, vegetables keep you full even with a small quantity, and have no ill- impact on your physique.

#5. Team Work


Vijay believes having a good training team in your fitness journey is essential. They will help you with the proper guidance for your specific body type and motivate you to push beyond your boundaries to achieve your fitness goals.

#6. Cheat days are good

Cheat meal

Having a cheat day once in a while within your diet schedule is normal, and for Vijay, it is his only time to explore the delicacies of Mexican cuisine. He loves eating junk food, and his weakness lies in burgers. Being a foodie, he does not mind incorporating cheat days into his fitness regime.

#7. Don’t skip meals


Vijay advices that fasting should be a big no-no in the fitness journey. No meals should be skipped or sacrificed and should be equally placed in time, having balanced proportions of every essential nutritional component.

#8. Say no to sugar

no sugar

Vijay avoids sugar as much as possible. Refined sugar, compared to its source sugarcane, eliminates a lot of good nutritional values and instead leads to obesity and other complex health issues.

Well, we hope that these recommendations from your favourite actor have lead you to the right path in fitness. Let us know your feedback!

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