Vahbiz Dorabjee Opens Up On Her Divorce With Vivian Dsena, Says, 'Vivian And I Have Moved On'

Divorce isn't the end of anyone's world and television's ex-couple Vahbiz Dorabjee and Vivian Dsena are the perfect example of it. Scroll down as the actress opens up on her divorce!


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Vahbiz Dorabjee Opens Up On Her Divorce With Vivian Dsena, Says, 'Vivian And I Have Moved On'

It may seem strange for once lovers turned husband and wife to drift apart, but it is a lot better than living in an unhappy marriage that no longer makes you happy. And it is perfectly 'okay' to accept the fact that love does fade away. As some stories aren't made for fairytale books but rather for short tales that teach us the lesson of life and choosing happiness over everything else. A perfect example of this is television's ex-couple Vahbiz Dorabjee and Vivian Dsena. (Recommend Read: Sunny Leone's Twins, Asher And Noah Run To Wave 'Hi' To Media Leaving Her Hands, Remind Us Of Taimur)

Vahbiz and Vivian got married in the year 2013 surprising all their fans. They had redefined love for us all, but it came as shock when they had started living under different roofs in 2016, and had later, announced their divorce. And while we hoped for them to reunite, the duo has made their minds and clearly stated that the chapter was over.

Vahbiz and Vivian D'sena

Recently, in an interview with the Bombay Times, Vahbiz was again asked about her divorce with Vivian, and to which, she clearly stated, "Whenever I try to talk about something else, people keep asking about my divorce. Well, there are other interesting things that I am pursuing in my life. Vivian and I have moved on; he is busy with his show and I am focussing on my career and ambition. When both of us are trying to move ahead, people should not bother us with this one question."  (Also Read: Splitsvilla Star Subuhi Joshi's Friends Had Always Warned Her About Ex-Sidharth Sagar, Here's Why)

When asked about falling in love again, Bahu Humari Rajnikant actress said, "Finding a partner is destiny. When the universe plans to bring you, someone, it will. Till then, I am happy trying to be a better version of myself, achieving my goals and loving myself."

In the same interview, Vahbiz opened up about her health issues and people talking about her weight. She shared, "A few years ago, I gained weight due to a health condition. Sadly, if you are overweight, people tend to put you down; they criticise your sartorial choices because certain clothes are considered suitable only for thin women."

She further stated, "When I went for auditions, the makers would tell me that I needed to lose weight. Whenever I wore swimsuits, I was told I had thunder thighs and so should avoid wearing one! If you are plump, people call you rolu-molu and names like that, which can be demotivating. I have broken down many times and lost my confidence"

Talking about the confidence she gets as a curvy woman, the actress stated, "I have accepted the fact that everyone can’t have a thin bone structure and I am a well-endowed woman. But not all women will have the strength to fight back. I know it is important to be fit, but sometimes, your metabolism does not respond the way you want it to. I hit the gym daily, but at the end of the day, I will look a certain way and today, I am happy about it."

Coming back to Vahbiz and Vivian's divorce, they had left their fans in a shock. In an interview with the Free Press Journal, the actress had shared, "Vivian is a closed chapter and we have both moved on. There is nothing to be said about our relationship now. Of course, I’ll be cordial with him if we bump into each other, but that’s about it; the marriage is over. We are both very busy with our work and our careers are our priority now."

She had further talked about her wedding, "I have known Vivian for six years. I dated him for three years and have been married to him for three years. After we got married I decided to give time to my husband and marriage rather than spend long hours at work. So, it was a conscious decision to not focus on my career at that time. There was no question of feeling demotivated because I was Vivian’s biggest support at that point. The fact that we are not together has nothing to do with his career or mine. When you are married, you don’t feel insecure about your husband’s success; you will actually be proud of it." (Don't Miss: Arjun Kapoor Makes Fun Of Chachu, Anil Kapoor By Posting A Hilarious Comment On His Latest Pic)

Vahbiz and Vivian proved that some people come in our life for a short period! 

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