7 TV Celebrity Couples Whose Kids Suffered For Their Ugly Splits: From Nisha Rawal To Shweta Tiwari

Bad marriages don't keep children happy. Here's a list of popular television celebrity couples who had opted for divorce and had indulged in awful fights for child custody. Check out!


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7 TV Celebrity Couples Whose Kids Suffered For Their Ugly Splits: From Nisha Rawal To Shweta Tiwari

Celebrity divorces never fail to grab attention. Sometimes it's for love, other times, it's the battle for the custody of their child that catches the public eye. Indians have a collective meltdown when their favourite celebrity couple part ways. And suddenly, their ‘private’ decision of divorce becomes everyone’s business too. It's no secret that divorce is frowned upon in Indian society, and people don't make it any easier when they shame the couple for their breakup and urge them to save their marriage for the sake of their children.

While kids would obviously wish their parents to stay together forever, what they don't want is to be brought up in a toxic environment, where their parents either bad mouth each other or don't talk at all, have affairs outside, or beat one another up. No child would want to see that. So here we have brought you a list of television celebrity couples who have opted for separation and are fighting for their child custody because divorce is not the problem, but staying in a bad marriage for the sake of kids is. Check out! 

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#1. Aamir Ali And Sanjeeda Shaikh


Famous television actors, Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Shaikh were in a long-term relationship before they had tied the knot in 2012. However, 9 years later, they decided to separate and were granted divorce in January 2022. Together, they have a daughter, Ayra, through surrogacy, and her mother got child custody after the divorce. According to reports, the couple has decided to stop co-parenting, and it has been more than 9 months since Sanjeeda has not allowed her estranged husband, Aamir, to meet their daughter. A source close to Timesnownews.com. had revealed:

“Sanjeeda is not letting Aamir meet their daughter. It’s been almost nine months since he met her. Also, he seems to have given up pursuing it as well. He doesn’t really wish to fight on this anymore.”


When Hindustan Times contacted the doting mother, Sanjeeda, regarding the same, she said that as a single mother, she is trying her best to provide everything to her daughter and keep her in a positive environment. In her words: 

“I think people are more interested to know what’s happening in my professional life than my personal life. So let’s keep your personal life private only. As for the rumours, I’d just say, as a single parent, I’m doing everything to give my daughter the best of the best. To bring her up in a positive environment is my utmost priority, and I chose that."

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#2. Charu Asopa And Rajeev Sen


Mere Angne Meh actress, Charu Asopa and her businessman-husband, Rajeev Sen had got hitched in 2019. Since their marriage, the couple had compatibility issues and ugly fights. And in July 2022, they filed for divorce. Since together, Charu and Rajeev have an eight-month-old daughter, Ziana Sen, it was on September 1, 2022, when the couple decided to call off their separation.  


In an interview with ETimes, Charu mentioned that since the beginning of her marriage, she has been giving several chances to her relationship with Rajeev. Earlier it was for her and then for the sake of their daughter, Ziana. However, she had earlier sent a legal notice for divorce only because she didn't want her daughter to grow up in a toxic environment. Charu had stated:

“Earlier, it was for me and then for our daughter, Ziana. Par woh ek chance dete dete teen saal kab nikal gaye mujhe kuch pata nahi chala. He has trust issues and I can't take it anymore. I sent him a simple notice asking for an amicable separation, as there is nothing left in our relationship. I want to part ways because I don't want my daughter to grow up in a toxic and abusive environment. I don't want her to see people hurling abuses at each other.”

#3. Karan Mehra And Nisha Rawal


Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra had put serious accusations against each other. On the one hand, Nisha filed an FIR against her husband, Karan, for domestic violence and having an extramarital affair in 2021. On the other hand, Karan blamed Nisha for all the mess in their marital life. He shared that Nisha used to misbehave with his parents. However, their son, Kavish Mehra, suffered a lot between their ugly blame game.


The doting mother, Nisha demanded sole custody of their child and zero alimony. In an interview with Bombay Times, she had said: 

“I don’t want any alimony. What will he provide me with that I haven’t given him? We built everything together. There’s nothing that I am asking for myself. I am an independent girl and will look after my child and me.”

#4. Kamya Panjabi And Bunty Negi


The couple had got divorced in 2013, putting an end to their 10 years of marriage. In an interview with ETimes, Kamya recalled the night when she had decided to leave him. The actress had revealed that it was when her first husband, Bunty had met with a severe accident and was on bed rest for a long time. That's when Kamya had taken care of him wholeheartedly but was left with no acknowledgement that had disappointed her so badly that she decided to leave him. Kamya also added that despite their daughter, Aara's birth, her ex-husband hadn't changed a bit. In her words:

"A time came when I anyway thought that I should move out to make him feel better. Meanwhile, Aara was born. But yet, it didn't work out. I was very unhappy and used to feel very weak that I couldn't help myself. Yes, I gave it one more shot and went back to Bunty; I didn't want to regret later that I didn't try to my fullest extent."  


Hence, she remained a courageous and doting single mom to her child. Despite that, people used to say bad things about her daughter, which were beyond tolerance. From saying that Kamya would sell her daughter too, to judging Aara on the basis of her mom's clothing, the little munchkin has gone through several stormy nights post the separation of her parents. During Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza's show, Ladies Vs Gentleman 2, Kamya had revealed: 

"I was told that you are an old man, you are divorced, this too will leave you. You will sell your child’. Kamya said that ‘My five-year-old daughter was trolled. Today she is 11 years old and she is still being trolled. What I wear and what I don’t wear is my choice, as much as I want to bark. I don’t care but when it comes to my daughter, I can’t stand it. I will split their throats."

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#5. Abhinav Kohli And Shweta Tiwari




Shweta had given love a second chance when she had married Abhinav Kohli in 2013. However, she parted ways with him in 2019 due to him being physically violent and threatening. Together, they have a son, Reyansh Kohli, who lives with his mother. In an interview with Bollywoodlife, Shweta had opened up about how her children, Reyansh and Palak suffered because of her bad taste in men. Shweta said that she never stops her kids from missing their dads, but they don't as they are scared of the trauma. In her words:

“I am not able to save them from the whole situation. To lead a happy life, to come out of the mess, I have only one way which is to be with them as well go to the court or police station. I know they are suffering because I chose the wrong men. That was my fault, not theirs. But they are going through this strong, they are smiling through it. I never tell them don’t talk to your father, don’t miss them. They don’t because they are scared of the trauma.”

#6. Raja Choudhary And Shweta Tiwari


Shweta Tiwari had tied the knot with Raja Chowdhary in 1998 at the mere age of 19. Two years into their marital bliss, the couple welcomed a daughter, Palak Tiwari, into their lives. Shweta and Raja were married for seven years, and she had fought for six years to get a divorce from him. The reasons stated behind their split were their toxic relationship and domestic abuse by her husband, Raja. After their separation, Shweta had taken custody of their daughter, Palak.


For this, Shweta had to agree to sign away the couple’s jointly-owned property — a one-bedroom flat in Malad worth Rs. 93 lakhs — to Raja as part of the settlement. However, the actress got shocked when Raja agreed to sacrifice their daughter, Palak for the property. In an interview with Hindustan Times, she had siad:

“I was shocked when Raja said, ‘I will sacrifice my daughter for property. Give me the flat and I will give you a divorce’.”

#7. Parminder Singh Malhi And Ginnie Virdi Malhi


Popular actress, Ginnie Virdi Malhi, who is known for her acting stint in Papa By Chance and Udaan, had an arranged marriage with Parminder Singh Malhi in 2017. She had even quit her acting career to live a happy married life. However, things went wrong, and differences started to grow between the couple.


Moving past the problematic phase, Ginnie embraced motherhood in February 2020 and was blessed with a baby girl. However, their relationship did not improve, and Ginnie filed an FIR against her husband, Parminder for physically assaulting her just 7 days after her delivery and throwing their child on the floor. On the other hand, Parminder rubbished the accusations and called it a conspiracy of Ginni and her brothers. Ginnie is thinking of separating from Parminder and giving him a divorce. In an interview with ETimes, she had said:

“I am dealing with the most unfortunate episode of my life. I had an arranged marriage with Parminder on January 1, 2017. However, differences cropped up soon owing to his drinking problem and anger issues. I tried to adjust to my husband’s erratic behaviour but things were going out of my hands. I had quit acting to enjoy my married life, which wasn’t meant to be. I have no source of income and am dependent on my brothers and parents.”

Well, a bad marriage is definitely not an acceptable or conducive environment for raising a child. What do you think about the decisions of the celeb, who had opted for divorce and had chosen to raise their child single-handedly or via co-parenting? Let us know! 

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