7 Smart Tricks That Will Make You The Best Groom Ever


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7 Smart Tricks That Will Make You The Best Groom Ever

You met her, fell in love with her, said those three magical words, popped the question, asked for her hand from her parents, and are now all set to get hitched with the love of your life. Well, congratulations! And, we are sure, like every other groom you must be all excited and must also be waiting eagerly for your big day. Aren’t you?

But, if you want to stand apart from the rest of the grooms, and want to be the best groom ever, then here is a list of things which you should do during your wedding to earn brownie points from everyone, especially the bride.

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#1. Help her in wedding planning

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Image Courtesy: Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

Although, most of the wedding planning will be done by the parents, but there will be a few things which will be left for the bride to decide, like the wedding theme, stage decoration, and all. So, if she asks you about your opinion, then do not run away from it. Instead, help her in the decision making process. It will not only make her happy, but will also show your enthusiasm towards marriage.

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#2. Go shopping together


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No, we are not talking about buying the wedding attire together, but shopping for your love nest. The wedding dress should be bought individually and should be revealed on your wedding day itself to add that little element of surprise. But apart from that, go out with her and help her in shopping for your new home. She might want to buy some electric appliances, furniture or any other thing for her new home. So get involved, give your opinion and buy things together.

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#3. Give her a break

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Image Courtesy: Shuddh Desi Romance

Wedding preparations are usually quite stressful. That is why you need to give your beloved wife-to-be a break from all these hectic wedding preparations. How? Well, take her out on a romantic date, surprise her with a romantic candlelight dinner, do things which make both of you happy, book a spa appointment for her, or do anything that will relax her. Simply pamper your lady! Just remind her that she needs to relax a bit, as the wedding will happen the way she has planned.

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#4. Wear your heart on your sleeves


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Send her a gift, a sweet note, or flowers on the wedding day. It will make her feel special and will ease the pre-wedding jitters. And, this will also show how much you love her. You can even tape a special message for her to see on her special day, or propose her all over again in front of everyone! Or else, pull the videographer aside during your wedding or reception and record the message for her to see it later. We promise, you will definitely be awarded as the best husband!

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#5. Get in shape

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Image Courtesy: Student Of The Year

Your bride must be doing so many things to mesmerise you on the D-day. So, why can’t you? Make efforts to get in shape, stay fit and look good on your wedding day. It is a once in a lifetime moment, so why not make it picture perfect? Plus, you definitely do not want to look bad in your wedding photographs! So, get going and surprise your life partner on the wedding day.

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#6. Interact with her people

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Image Courtesy: Love Breakups Zindagi

Yes, no matter what, do not ignore her family. This will not leave a good impression and will also make her sad from inside. No one likes their family being ignored, it is rude. So, talk to them, dance with them, laugh with them and try to make them feel special. Try to be their son, instead of being their son-in-law. Your lady will respect and love you more than ever.

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#7. Be her strength

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Image Courtesy: Break Ke Baad

Your bride must be smiling from outside, but from inside she might be little tensed on her wedding day. Everyone’s expectations, the thought of leaving her parents, and many other things might be making her nervous. That is why, be her support and stay beside her. Make her comfortable and tell her everything will be fine, and you are always with her. Do not let her down on the special day.

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So, all grooms-to-be, take a proper note of all these points if you want to be the best groom ever. You are getting married with the love of your life, so it is your responsibility too to help her out, to keep her happy and to be with her whenever she needs you. Thus, follow these points and you will definitely be rewarded in many sweet ways by your partner later!

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