15 Easy-To-Follow Rules To Keep Your Marriage Rock Solid


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15 Easy-To-Follow Rules To Keep Your Marriage Rock Solid

Marriage does not become a smooth and long-lasting journey without putting in some efforts, making compromises and sacrifices for each other. When two completely different individuals with different backgrounds, likes, dislikes and mindsets decide to spend the rest of their lives together, they cannot do so without making a few adjustments and changing their habits and a little bit of themselves too, willingly for the person they love. In an age where jokes on marriage are common and how fragile this relationship is, we decided to get you ways, some forgotten habits to be more specific, that can reignite the lost meaning of this bond. It will be a tight slap on the faces of those who are always negative about a thing, as beautiful as marriage.

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#1. Be more involved in each other’s life

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Be more communicative. Ask how your partner’s day was, and what’s new at their work place. Be more receptive. Talk more often and stay connected through at least a few messages throughout the day.

#2. Go to bed together

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Do not watch television for long hours, or bring your work to bed. Instead, get into bed together. Talk a little, laugh a little and cuddle up. Not only will this make you spend some quality time together, but will also revive your love life.

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#3. Eat meals together whenever you are home 

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You might be busy with different work timings or kids' routine etc., but whenever you get the chance, have your meals together with the television switched off. You will be surprised to know how much you both have to share with each other.

#4. Try to let go of technology

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Keep your phones and laptops away for a while when the two of you are together. Social networking sites are infectious and dangerously contagious. They eat up all your time by making you addicts. Take a long stroll, go for a drive, have ice-cream, cook a meal or just veg out.

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#5. Try to focus on each other’s positive qualities

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Instead of nagging and cribbing about what all things your partner does wrong, and getting all worked about it, try focusing on all the positive qualities. You will soon realise how blessed you actually are to have such a caring and wonderful person as your life partner.

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#6. Never fight in front of a third person

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Fight your hearts out when the two of you are alone, but never make the mistake of showing your differences in front of a third person. You never know who will use the opportunity of creating the crack between you two to destroy your relation.

#7. Believe in the power of touch

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A loving touch of the one you love can be the biggest stress buster of all times. To form a deeper connection with your spouse, touch each other more often. Hold hands, hug a lot and make eye contact. The spark in your marriage will never die.

#8. Break the routine every once in a while

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Take a leave from your work and spend the entire day with your spouse, go eat out at a restaurant to enjoy a meal, take a spontaneous trip together. Change is always good, and if not anything else, it will at least give you a break from your otherwise monotonous life and de-stress you.

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#9. Take interest in each other's hobbies

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Common or opposite, taking interest in the activities your spouse likes, and participating in them together every once in a while is a good exercise for your relationship. It is a very good way of spending quality time together.

#10. Step into each other’s shoes

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Before you blame your spouse for their actions, always put yourself in the same situation and see what you could have done differently. This will help you in understanding your partner well.

#11. Be generous and learn to accept your mistakes


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You will not become any less of a person if you apologise for your mistakes, and your partner will not feel superior to you if you appreciate him or her for all the things they do right. Have a huge heart towards your spouse. After all, your heart belongs to them, right?

#12. Mind your habits more than only blaming your partner

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You may be focusing a lot of time on your spouse’s mistakes and the habits you dislike, without paying any attention to your own. No one is perfect. Thus, it is better to first focus on one’s own self before criticising the other. Your partner puts up with you, you might as well put up with them.

#13. Make efforts to plan "Something Special"

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Hectic work schedule and lifestyle, along with the responsibility of children can make your life rather boring and strictly a monotonous one. But, by putting in a little effort and planning special surprises like date nights for each other, or planning a relaxing couple spa can help break the routine and relax you both a little.

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#14. Don’t be judgmental


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You may know your spouse inside out, but you do not know what might be going on in their mind or bothering them at a specific time. Being judgmental, and blaming each other for a certain behaviour will only lead to more differences. Instead, if you feel that your partner is behaving in a weird way, find out what the matter is, and look for a solution together.

#15. Never give up trying

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When things go wrong, you might feel as if you are doing every possible thing to make things work, but at times even that much effort might not be enough. Always remember that giving up is never an option and if you really love your partner, however hard you may be trying, try a little more.

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Following these simple habits will always give you a feeling of fulfillment and contentment in your marriage and will help you make it a real happily ever after. So, tag your spouse for a little counseling session that you just got to make the two of you to arrive at the same page together.